Are the F1 cars in GTA Online worth it?

Danyal Arabi
|Published January 18, 2023

For a game that’s nearly a decade old, Open wheel racing is a relatively new endeavor in GTA Online. Debuting over three years ago in the Diamond Casino update, open-wheel racing added a bunch of Formula/GP-themed cars to the game. While they were expected to utterly dominate, these cars had a different performance package under the hood. Here’s everything about open-wheel cars in the game and how they work.

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A guide to open-wheel cars in GTA Online

Much like open-wheel cars in real life, the focus for these vehicles is downforce. These cars remain planted through corners at top speed, making cornering a breeze. However, this comes at a cost. Higher downforce=more drag which in turn results in a lower overall top speed. This is primarily why all the open-wheel cars are not viable for races outside their class. Cars like the Benefactor Krieger can easily outpace them on straights, nullifying their cornering advantage.

Currently, there are four open-wheel cars in the game:

  • Benefactor BR8
  • Progen PR4
  • Ocelot R88
  • Declasse DR1

Open-wheel cars have another advantage that most other vehicles don’t possess. Much like F1 cars in real life, open-wheel cars in GTA Online sport a KERS system. This Kinetic Energy Reserve System allows players to charge their battery while under braking or off the gas. Once primed, this allows players to accelerate incredibly quickly upon deployment. Once tricked out, players can take their open-wheel cars to a bunch of exclusive races:

Added in the Diamond Casino update:

  • Open Wheel – Brace for Impact
  • Open Wheel – Height of Society
  • Open Wheel – In Due Course
  • Open Wheel – Lap it Up
  • Open Wheel – More Haste More Speed
  • Open Wheel – New Wave
  • Open Wheel – Urban Renewal

Added in the Los Santos Summer Special update:

  • Open Wheel – Abridged
  • Open Wheel – Dam
  • Open Wheel – Headwind
  • Open Wheel – It’s a Sign
  • Open Wheel – Keeping Track
  • Open Wheel – Life’s a Beach
  • Open Wheel – Morningwood Glory
  • Open Wheel – Road to Ruin
  • Open Wheel – Top of the Town

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