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“Mostly Full of S**t”: Dr. Mike Israetel Reveals His Bold Opinion on Dana White’s Transformation and Gary Brecka’s Superhuman Protocol

Radha Iyer

“Mostly Full of S**t”: Dr. Mike Israetel Reveals His Bold Opinion on Dana White’s Transformation and Gary Brecka’s Superhuman Protocol

One might undertake several approaches to cut down on fat and boost health, either with the help of a coach or by oneself. UFC CEO Dana White took this as an opportunity to get acquainted with human biologist Gary Brecka who helped him with his medical troubles. Exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel wanted to take a closer look at this bond.

White owes his medical issues, including increased stress and unhealthy lifestyle, to the nature of his job. He often claimed that no doctor could treat his diabetes and that pills never worked for him. That’s when he sought Brecka’s assistance to help him overcome the problems.

However, Dr. Israetel had some reservations about this particular approach, and he even made a dedicated YouTube video critiquing White and Brecka’s Superhuman Protocol. The doctor divided the entire video into various segments, addressing topics that concerned him.

He began by addressing White’s concerns over doctors not being able to heal his medical issues and prescribing him a bunch of pills instead. While he understood and could relate to his concerns, Dr. Israetel clarified that not all doctors prescribe pills as an escape route from the patient.

“Pills work and they work really well and they’re evidence-based research backed, and they also work right away if you have high blood pressure…”

Apart from this, he talked about Brecka’s credentials and raised concerns about the long-term effects of his techniques – particularly the ineffectiveness of the electromagnetic bed and cold plunges, while downplaying some of the most crucial factors that actually contributed to White’s transformation.

When Brecka spoke about his diet and how sugar was the poison harming his client’s health, Dr. Israetel was quick to point out the inaccuracy of such a statement. As a thumb rule, anything in excess could make one obese, including fats that the biologist denied contributed to weight gain. In the end, the scientist gave an overall review of what he felt was right and wrong in White’s routine, saying,

“The…points we lose can be described as ‘Gary Brecka is mostly full of s**t. Sorry Gary, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

So what according to Dr. Mike Israetel worked for Dana White?

If Brecka’s Superhuman Protocol, including expensive machines worth thousands of dollars, were rendered ineffective, it still didn’t hide the fact that Dana White went through an insane recovery. Throughout his transformation, he lost about 36 lbs, and Dr. Israetel knew the real reason behind it.

Instead of fancy equipment, he firmly believed that White’s resistance training with IFBB veteran Milos Sarcev, combined with his Testosterone replacement therapy supervised by Brecka, contributed to his transformation. His diet changes to include healthy foods and the elimination of alcohol were also responsible for his weight loss. This goes to show that basic lifestyle changes and the drive to do better can bring significant differences to one’s physical health.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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