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Joseph Baena ‘Feels the Love’ at the Arnold Classic in Brazil Leaving Fans Elated

Radha Iyer

Joseph Baena ‘Feels the Love’ at the Arnold Classic in Brazil Leaving Fans Elated

This year has been quite productive for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Joseph Baena. The young star followed in the footsteps of his father in pursuing and sustaining many careers alongside each other. Nowadays, he often posts glimpses of his workout at the Gold’s Gym and has been attending the Arnold Sports Festival at various venues. His fitness journey recently took him to Brazil at the Arnold Classic South America, and he revealed what followed.

The Arnold Classic in Brazil witnessed bodybuilding icon Rafael Brandao win the Open category. Baena uploaded a carousel of pictures featuring him and several others from the festival. From the looks of it, the young bodybuilder had fun participating in various activities and speaking at one of the segments as well.

Penning a heartfelt note in the caption, he thanked the hospitality of the event organizers and citizens of Brazil. While it was his first time visiting the country, he fell in love with the culture and people around him.

“It was really something special to be a part of this event, experience the Brazilian culture and really feel the love and warmth from the beautiful people of Brazil & South America!”


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Aspiring bodybuilder David Deodato hinted at Baena’s appearance next year. Being a fan of both him and his father, Schwarzenegger, Deodato was full of appreciation for him.

“Know that it was an honor to meet you up close, know that just as your father was and will always be an inspiration for all of us who love bodybuilding, you have also done an excellent job in this area, know that we are waiting for you here in April 2025…”

Another fan expressed their joy seeing Baena enjoy his trip to Brazil.

“Great pics! Glad you’re enjoying these special moments…”

An audience member who attended his live interview also praised his segment.

“You were extremely awesome on Danilo’s Gentilli show, glad that I could be a part of the audience and seeing you, come back more times please!”

Athlete Vitor Munoz, who got the opportunity to arm wrestle with Baena, thanked him for the good memories.

“Thank you very much Joseph! It was a pleasure to arm wrestle you and fight with you.”

Finally, a fan was so happy with how Baena’s experience turned out, that they declared him the king.

“The new King of Brasil…”

All in all, the young bodybuilder’s excursion to South America was a success. The multiple editions of the Arnold Sports Festival this year have been quite warm and welcoming towards Baena, who hopes to be more involved in fitness in the upcoming years. Previously, he reported having a great time in the UK, attending his first-ever large-scale fitness expo.

Joseph Baena attended the Arnold Classic in the UK and made long-lasting memories

For a fitness enthusiast, the ability to watch their heroes in their full glory on stage was like a dream. Similarly, for Baena to be able to attend the Arnold Sports Festival in the UK was a dream come true. Partnering with the apparel company YoungLA, he utilized his chance to go watch some of the top-tier bodybuilders battle it out on stage.

Across multiple Instagram posts, Baena expressed his joy and excitement at attending the expo. Fans witnessed his jaw-dropping at some of the popular bodybuilders’ figures, while others saw him proudly present the winning title in the Wheelchair Bodybuilding category. Now that he’s officially associated with the sport, fans can’t wait to see him compete on the stage soon.

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