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“No Idea How to…Share This”: Chris Bumstead and Courtney King Give a Glimpse of Their Daughter’s Birth Story

Radha Iyer

“No Idea How to…Share This”: Chris Bumstead and Courtney King Give a Glimpse of Their Daughter’s Birth Story

Chris Bumstead has had an eventful year so far, with his professional achievements hogging the spotlight and personal milestones taking over his schedule these days. This year, in addition to his Classic Physique Olympia title, for the fifth time in a row, Cbum had one more reason to celebrate as he welcomed his daughter with his long-time partner, Courtney King.

The couple had been anticipating her arrival since Thanksgiving last year, and nothing has made Bumstead more excited than getting to be a dad. Meanwhile, King has been on a journey through motherhood that she seems to be enjoying so far, sharing anecdotes whenever she could. Recently, she has been talking about how the actual birth went.

In a series of Instagram stories featuring the adorable toddler, King reminisced on her journey over the past month. She had initially mentioned wanting to talk about the story of her daughter’s birth and shared a glimpse of the diary entry-style text in one of the stories.

She wrote the note in the form of a letter to her daughter, Bradley, recalling every sequence leading up to her birth. Yet, since it seemed like a lot of events took place leading up to the birth, she expressed her dilemma.



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“writing my baby’s birth story!!!…I have no idea how to even share this… it’s SO long…”

The chain of events began on the 21st of April, way past the due date that King was given. Up until then, both Bumstead and she had been eagerly awaiting their daughter’s arrival. She recalled how she spent the day like usual, exercising with him and spending time with family.

“I remember going to the gym with your dad that day where I did a lot of stretching…Later that night I had a strong intuition before I got into bed that ‘this night was different.'”

Eventually, King did end up giving birth, and the couple have been elated about their journey ever since. Bumstead, meanwhile, had been holding on to his extra hours of workouts so he could be there for his daughter all the time. He once even opened up to his fans about how he prepared for the event.

Chris Bumstead Confessed How his Daughter Pushed Him to be Better

Needless to say, Bradley Bumstead already has her bodybuilder father wrapped around her finger for all his efforts directed towards her. Days before her arrival, he spent more time working out at his gym since he wanted to make sure to keep up his gains while juggling the duties of a father.

In an old Instagram post, he confessed to not taking a single day off from training since he had been waiting for the birth. Bumstead even joked about how his daughter pushed him to be a better athlete even before her arrival. But it didn’t surprise him that she was way past her due date owing to his habit of being late to events. Like father like daughter, fans can’t wait to see him grow into a doting dad like he always wanted to be.

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