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Dillon Danis Proposes Alliance with George Janko to Sue Logan Paul Over Alleged S*xual Assault on Impaulsive Podcast

Allan Binoy

Dillon Danis Proposes Alliance with George Janko to Sue Logan Paul Over Alleged S*xual Assault on Impaulsive Podcast

There’s more drama brewing for Logan Paul with possibly more lawsuit trouble. His former best friend and co-host of his podcast Impaulsive George Janko claimed being s*xually assaulted on the sets of the podcast. With all this happening. Dillon Danis has found a way to insert himself into the case to sue the older Paul brother.

The episode in question involved comedian Bobby Lee with the YouTuber sitting next to him. Janko claims the comedian had touched him inappropriately.

A video of the confession is currently doing the rounds on social media. The clip was from Janko’s own podcast when he brought on Logan Paul’s current best friend Mike Maljak as a guest.

Dillon Danis was quick to take sides in this situation. He tweeted at George Janko  asking him if he wanted to sue ‘The Maverick’,

“Hey @GeorgeJanko, we should sue Logan Paul for allowing a guest to sexually assault you in the workspace and covering it up through editing. Logan Paul is truly a piece of shit.”


Mind you, as good-intentioned as this might be, Danis and Paul have history. Dillon Danis had talked a lot of filth about Logan Paul’s supermodel fiance, Nina Adgal including private pictures of her, s*ut shaming her, claiming she had multiple s*xual partners. The couple had then sued Danis under the federal revenge p*rn of the 2022 Violence Against Women Act.

So his words of support should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

George Janko, meanwhile has not taken any action against Paul yet. Neither has he responded to Danis’ offer, which seems questionable given his irrelevancy in the situation and of course, their shared history.

Janko had left Imapulsive some time ago, owing to differences with Logan Paul. In the same episode of The George Janko Show, he revealed his ‘last straw’ that led to him leaving the beloved podcast

George Janko reveals why he left Impaulsive

The podcast host and former best friend of the WWE US  champion does not care about the consequences anymore. Addressing his issues with Paul, Janko spoke about what his last straw was that made him leave the podcast,

“I had to escape, I had to leave for my own fear. When Logan came at me for my religion, the show hit rock bottom and we weren’t getting paid…I had to start my own show.”

George Janko talked about how he wasn’t even getting paid despite being a big part of the podcast. So to support himself and his family he had to get out and start his own show. Logan Paul met that move with criticism and even tried to control aspects of his show.

This story has had an interesting development, it’s likely that this is going to go on for some time now. So stay tuned to this place for more.

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