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“Dropped by a P*rn Star”: Dillon Danis Ridicules Ex-UFC Star Paige VanZant After Loss to OF Boxer Elle Brooke

Allan Binoy

“Dropped by a P*rn Star”: Dillon Danis Ridicules Ex-UFC Star Paige VanZant After Loss to OF Boxer Elle Brooke

Dillon Danis is back to his trash-talking ways on X, and this time he has Paige VanZant on his radar. The former UFC fighter took part in a boxing match against Elle Brooke in a Misfits card last weekend, where she got dropped by the fellow OnlyFans model. Although the judges scored the bout a draw, VanZant did not escape Danis’ trash talk.

Dillon Danis has been trying to reclaim the title of the best trash talker on social media. Fans had given him this title during the build-up to his fight against Logan Paul.

However, following his lackluster performance, it would appear that personal and deeply misogynistic remarks about fellow fighters are all he has to show.

After the Misfits card, Danis put out a video of Elle Brooke dropping Paige VanZant on X and captioned it saying,

““Real fighter” dropped by a porn star”


Elle Brooke is a fair boxer in her own right, with two wins to her name already. Paige VanZant, on the other hand, is a former UFC fighter turned boxer. And unless Muhammad Ali became an average Joe and lost his boxing prowess every time he took off his clothes to shower, Brooke and VanZant’s OnlyFans accounts have nothing to do with their boxing skills.

Dillon Danis of course, didn’t get the memo of the civilized as he referred to Brooke as a ‘P*rn Star’. He will probably get away with it too.

Speaking of getting away, the Jiu-Jitsu fighter is currently battling a lawsuit against Logan Paul. And it doesn’t look like the WWE United States Champion and his supermodel partner, Nina Agdal are letting this one pass.

However, that is not stopping him from making more accusations against ‘The Maverick’.

Dillon Danis calls out Logan Paul for using every steroid in the book

Dillon Danis is still not over the Logan Paul fiasco yet. He keeps calling the WWE superstar out every chance he gets.

Paul recently poked fun at Ryan Garcia for failing his drug test. However, Danis claims that it makes no sense coming from ‘The Maverick’ since he believes that Paul takes Performance Enhancing Drugs himself,

“It’s so ironic because Logan Paul is on every steroid in the book”

Dillon Danis would be smart to avoid making such accusations against Logan Paul. He is already battling a defamation lawsuit against Paul and his fiance. ‘The Maverick’ is also not one to take things lightly he has filed a lawsuit against Ryan Garcia for defamation of his hydration drink, Prime.

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