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“More Ba**s Than Sean Strickland”: Jake Paul Shames Ex-UFC Champ for Hiding While Praising Indian Fighter Neeraj Goyat for His Perseverance

Adarsh Ojha

“More Ba**s Than Sean Strickland”: Jake Paul Shames Ex-UFC Champ for Hiding While Praising Indian Fighter Neeraj Goyat for His Perseverance

It’s difficult to recall the last time Jake Paul wasn’t beefing with someone. From Tommy Fury to KSI and other superstars, the YouTuber-turned-boxer always finds himself in heated exchanges. And now ahead of his fight against Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico, he called out UFC star Sean Stickland, with whom he already had some beef, and mocked him for ducking him and questioned his courage. In contrast, Paul praised the Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat on X, who flew from India to Mexico after challenging him to a fight.

Paul and Strickland, who are both known for being outspoken personalities, recently had a heated talk. Afterwards, ‘The Problem Child’ challenged Strickland to spar, but he declined, citing contractual obligations. Now Paul has called him out for allegedly dodging the challenge. On the flip side, Goyat, who kept his word by coming to Puerto Rico, earned Paul’s admiration, and he gave him an MVP contract. In his words,

MVP – this kid got more ba**s than Sean Strickland.  Actually flew to Puerto Rico, instead of hiding behind his daddy.

In contrast to Strickland, the Indian boxer has been continuously challenging Paul to fight him over the past two months. Notably, ‘The Problem Child’ also showed interest in fighting him, seeing the attention Goyat was getting on social media. Consequently, he urged Goyat to come to Puerto Rico if he was serious about fighting. 

The Indian boxer took the challenge seriously and flew from India directly to Paul’s gym in Mexico, which Strickland failed to do. Consequently, Paul has shown respect to Goyat by offering him a contract for MVP promotion, while their fight has yet to be scheduled. However, amidst all the trash talking, ‘Tarzan’ doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Sean Strickland Reacts to Jake Paul Mockery 

Strickland, known for his sharp wit, recently got mocked over alleged ducking allegations. In response, he taunted Paul for fighting retired MMA fighters, suggesting it was easy for Paul to find them and accusing him of paying opponents to lose. And not just that, he also concluded by calling Paul a “clown and a disgrace to combat sports”.

Fans are now really excited about the crossover between the two fighters, especially given their heated rivalry and trash-talking skills. If the match happens, it would be a banger pay-per-view event. However, the fight would first need approval from the promotion, which currently seems unlikely to happen.

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