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Ryan Garcia Claims Floyd Mayweather Is Upset Over Unkept Private Information

Allan Binoy

Ryan Garcia Claims Floyd Mayweather Is Upset Over Unkept Private Information

Ryan Garcia claims there is a bit of animosity in his relationship with Floyd Mayweather. ‘KingRy’ will fight Devin Haney in April this year, and ahead of the fight he has been doing a lot of interviews. The lightweight recently appeared on The MMA Hour hosted by Ariel Helwani. He spoke about everything from his upcoming fight to his loss against Gervonta Davis and his relationship with Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis are close. ‘Money’ helped train and guide the young boxer to where he is now. However, in an interview with Ariel Helwani for The MMA Hour, Ryan Garcia revealed he is ‘good’ with Mayweather. Although, there is one thing he is mad at him for:

“We’re cool. I think he’s a little mad at me…..he didn’t tell me to keep things as a secret, so I kind of just started talking shit. Like, I seen the video of Devin Haney getting his ass knocked out by Tank Davis.”

Take a look at the video (Quotes from 7:06 onwards):

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Ryan Garcia states that he was the one who revealed the news of Gervonta Davis supposedly knocking out Devin Haney in sparring. ‘KingRy’ stated that Floyd Mayweather showed him the video. However, ‘Money’ may be mad at him for revealing it to the world. The lightweight boxer then had to defend himself against Devin Haney’s claims of him disrespecting Haney’s religion.

Ryan Garcia calls Devin Haney a ‘d*mba*s’, says he never disrespected any religion

Devin Haney also appeared on The MMA Hour on YouTube and he claimed he had a personal beef with Ryan Garcia. He believes Garcia disrespected his religion. Ariel Helwani then asked ‘KingRy’ what he thought of Devin Haney’s comments. He responded by saying,

“He’s a d*mba*s, I’ve never disrespected his religion I want that to be clear right now. First of all, I would never do that, second of all, I can show you the dms I said Merry Christmas.”

Take a look at the clip:

Ryan Garcia claims he did not know Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas. He also stated that Haney took offense to him, wishing him Merry Christmas on Instagram. The challenger then went on to repeatedly call him a ‘d*mba*s’ for claiming that was disrespectful towards Muslims.

The beef between the pair seems to be stirring up as they inch closer to their fight. Both fighters have been going back and forth on social media and in interviews.

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Allan Binoy


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