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Ryan Garcia Takes a Shot at Diddy Regarding Devin Haney Amidst His Own Failed PED Test Controversy

Kevin Binoy

Ryan Garcia Takes a Shot at Diddy Regarding Devin Haney Amidst His Own Failed PED Test Controversy

Ryan Garcia believes that he was set up to fail a drug test after an impressive win over Devin Haney. Leading up to the fight, Garcia was a heavy underdog thanks to his social media antics. However, on fight night Garcia completely flipped the script and outclassed his opponent. Although he is under investigation right now, Garcia believes that Haney is being overlooked for a banned substance.

‘King’ took to Twitter to address his concerns about his former foe. The 26-year-old claimed that the Las Vegas odds makers are out to get him since he lost them a lot of money. Garcia himself bet $2 million on him to win the fight against Haney and walked away with $12 million. This brought his total fight purse for the event to a whopping $50 million.

However, such a win is sure to upset the odds makers, and Garcia now feels like he is being set up with fake drug test results to diminish his achievements in the ring. In fact, he even pointed the finger at Haney through a post on X, saying,

“Nobody talking Devin testing positive for diddy’s D Supplement that’s messed up.”

Ryan Garcia’s Tweet appeared extremely spiteful as it is rather vulgar and suggests a s*xual angle between Haney and rapper Diddy. ‘King’ is no stranger to Diddy and has blasted the rapper over the past few months. In fact, the boxer has even accused Diddy of child trafficking, among other crimes.

Now, the 26-year-old believes that Diddy had a hand to play in his testing positive for Ostarine. However, none of these claims made by Garcia have any concrete evidence, and only time will reveal who is right in this entire debacle.

While the boxing world is busy with such drama, there have also been several questions surrounding the substance Garcia tested positive for. So, what exactly is Ostarine?

What did Ryan Garcia test positive for?

There were several samples taken from both Garcia and Haney leading up to their fight, and ‘King’ passed all of the tests except one. He failed the urine sample collected on the night of the fight and tested positive for Ostarine. The substance in question is a selective androgen receptor modulator that binds to bodily proteins and stimulates the growth of muscles.

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It is used to improve performance by supporting athletes’ efforts to gain muscle mass, accelerate their rate of fat loss, and boost their capacity for endurance and recuperation. It has been prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency since 2008, and in 2022, WADA classified it as an anabolic agent.

Nevertheless, with Garcia still under investigation, he has requested that his B sample be analyzed after the first one tested positive for a banned substance.

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