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True Geordie Proclaims Brotherhood, Reveals Hilarious Similarities with Tyson Fury: “Neither of Us Are Heavyweight Champions”

Allan Binoy

True Geordie Proclaims Brotherhood, Reveals Hilarious Similarities with Tyson Fury: "Neither of Us Are Heavyweight Champions"

True Geordie was probably the happiest person when Oleksandr Usyk beat Tyson Fury. The pair have had a lot of beef in the past and have expressed their distaste for each other publicly. So when ‘The Gypsy King’ got knocked down on his way to a split-decision loss Geordie had to come out with a hilarious retort, calling him ‘brother’.

The beef started when True Geordie interviewed Tyson Fury ahead of his Derek Chisora fight. Fury seemed hostile from the beginning and ended the interview by trashing the YouTuber.

Since then, the British YouTuber and commentator has lost all respect for ‘The Gypsy King’. In a recent video, he took a dig at him saying,

“I do have a lot in common with him, we’re both bald, fat, and neither of us are heavyweight champion of the world. And actually, neither of us are undefeated fighters, we’re practically brothers Tyson.”

True Geordie then went on to trash John Fury for his comments on his son. ‘Big’ John had always stated that no man would ever be able to beat his son. Well, that’s exactly what Oleksandr Usyk did on the night of the fight.

The British YouTuber was so excited that while watching the fight live, he was cheering at the top of his voice for ‘The Cat’. He wasn’t even trying to be neutral or hiding his feelings about Tyson or the school of Furys.

Watch: True Geordie loses it as Oleksandr Usyk knocks down Tyson Fury

True Geordie was watching the boxing match between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk live and also happened to be commentating on the same. When Usyk rocked Fury in the ninth round, Geordie could not contain his excitement and he shouted at the top of his voice saying,

“Tyson Fury is out in his feet!…He is going down! Yesss, f*cking nail this b*stard! Get in! Get in there!”

He later acknowledged that his reaction was a little overboard, calling himself a little too dramatic. But who could blame him? Tyson had lost it at Geordie after the Chisora fight. Even boxing fans seem to think that The Gypsy King had gone too far in his dislike for the YouTuber after being asked the tough questions on his podcast.

Tyson is further being ridiculed on social media after being sliced up by Usyk but still claiming that he had done enough to win the fight and become the undisputed heavyweight champion.

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Allan Binoy

Allan Binoy


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