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Video: Devin Haney’s Mom Faints as Ryan Garcia KO’s Son – Fans React

Allan Binoy

Video: Devin Haney’s Mom Faints as Ryan Garcia KO’s Son – Fans React

Devin Haney had a night to forget against Ryan Garcia. He was the betting favorite going into the fight but found himself thoroughly outclassed by Ryan Garcia before being knocked down. While fans reacted to this loss in disbelief, Haney’s mother fainted as Garcia’s trademark left hook connected to Haney’s chin.

A video footage of the incident is going viral on social media. Of course, fans have been quick to comment on her passing out after seeing her son being dominated in a fashion never witnessed before.

This person succinctly summed it up.

Another fan gave credit where credit was due.

One user compared the moment to 90s trash talk in boxing.

One fan, in a rather insensitive tone, claimed that it was a double knockout since two had been put on their backs.

But this story is far from over, for Garcia, Haney, or Haney’s mother. A few days ago, a VADA report revealed that Garcia had tested positive for PEDs for the fight. They had found traces of Ostarine in his system. If the accusations are proven, Garcia’s win over Haney could be 0vertuned.

Now, Ryan Garcia is not trying his best to clear his name. And he’s really going for it. At first, he had blamed the Indian herb Ashwagandha for his failed test. Then he had claimed that he was being targeted due to the viral video with Donald Trump. He had even claimed like Andrew Tate, ‘The Matrix’ was after him.

Essentially, he believes there is a lot of corruption even in VADA and wants to get to the bottom of it.

Ryan Garcia promises to expose VADA and Victor Conte for corruption

Even as he is being criticized for it, even by the likes of UFC veterans like Conor McGregor, who said he wanted to ride Garcia like an Ostrich, the boxer has tweeted about the corruption in VADA.

Ryan Garcia believes that the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) was trying to set him up alongside a man called Victor Conte who he claims is a close alias of Devin Haney.

‘KingRy’ is desperate to clear his name and is not even stressing about the drug test as he was seen partying in Vegas following the news of the failed drug test.

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