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“Your Tears Bring Me Joy”: Ryan Garcia’s Fans Push Back Against Devin Haney’s PED Excuse for Loss

Kevin Binoy

“Your Tears Bring Me Joy”: Ryan Garcia's Fans Push Back Against Devin Haney's PED Excuse for Loss

Ryan Garcia might have beaten Devin Haney, but the drama between the two is far from over. In the aftermath of Garcia testing positive for ostarine, Haney severely criticized Garcia. Although he was trolling Garcia, fans of the latter were quick to clap back, and with some vengeance.

In another online exchange between the two, Haney reacted to a tweet that smeared Garcia’s name. Garcia hit back saying,

               “Bruh shut the f*ck up before I hit you with another left hook b**ch”.

Haney who was game to talk trash replied to Garcia’s tweet saying,

“The regular one or the Ostarine one?”

Needless to say, the back and forth between the two men gained the attention of fans. However, it was Haney who was got the brunt of the abuse from Garcia fanboys.

One fan bashed Haney saying, “He didn’t cheat lmao, stop crying lil bro sore loser.”

“dude thinks a Ostarine hook is insanely faster and stronger”– commented another fan

Another fan mocked the Haney camp saying, “The benefits of Ostarine, according to The Haneys”

“Cry more, your tears bring me joy. So did that +550 ML”– commented a fan. Jeez, that was harsh!

A fan made a valid point by saying, “Lmfao you not gone dodge it either way.” 

Needless to say, along with his fans, Garcia too has moved on with his plans. So, what is next in store for the superstar after this huge win?

What is next for Ryan Garcia?

With a win as huge as this, the world is just limitless opportunities for Garcia. But it takes incredible naivety to believe Garcia is one of those people who just move on from things.

Right now, his main focus is to win against Gervonta Davis in the rematch. However, before he can do that he wants to secure a win or two more.

That said, if you thought Haney would get a rematch since Garcia is so fond of one, think again. ‘KingRy’ has clearly stated that he has no intention to fight Haney again.

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In recent tweets he has expressed his interest in wanting to fight Erroll Spence Jr. He tweeted out a picture with August 10th as the date for the same. However, there is no concrete information about that fight. Regardless of who he faces, Garcia’s recent performance ensures that fans will tune in for his next fight.

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