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CSGO Blast Premier Spring Groups Day 1: G2 Esports win a nail biting Group A Grand Finals against Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP)

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G2 Esports win group A against NiP in a double OT double comeback Bo1 Grand finale

CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups A finale was fought between G2 Esports and NiP. Double Overtime and impossible comebacks.

G2 Esports and NiP have both undergone roster changes. Device is absent since he mentioned his personal problems.

But, G2 Esports has to prove much more owing to the hype they generated. On the other hand, Ninjas were looking to upset a supposed stronger team.

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Yet, the scoreline does not tell the whole story. Far from it actually. The BO1 between NiP and G2 Esports is legendary.

The match for Group A top 1 was to be in Mirage. G2 played Mirage 46 times across all championships. Hence it is pretty safe to say, they know the alleyways.

On the other hand, the NiP roster has never played the Map together. In es3tag’s words, “We thought we did wing it. Play it as we see fit. Never practised.”

G2 Esports defeated NiP twice on BLAST Premier Day 1 Group Stage.

Even though CSGO Pros play matches every day, some rounds are more stressful than others. Yet, it feels quite good as a human to achieve the unthinkable.

Niko is the best rifler in the world. Sometimes, it almost feels like he is hacking. He was quite stressed in rounds before overtime.

The reason is obvious. G2 had taken a healthy lead over NiP. To be precise, a scoreline of 6-0. Consequently, a timeout for NiP.

But then, the momentum shifted. Dynamic Hampus and agile phzy helped NiP win round after round. At halftime, the score reached 6-9 favouring Ninjas in Pyjamas.

NiP continued the domination till Round 21. At the 8-14 scoreline, the odds were heavily stacked against G2. Yet, something changed after the next timeout. G2 was now showing immense patience.

Now, rarely any shots are whiffed. Eventually, by Round 25, the momentum completely shifted. 15 all to force Over Time.

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G2 ESports forced Overtime twice against NiP in Group A finals.

G2 Esports succeeded to come back with a 7 streak. NiP came back with a 9 streak. Also, Jackz and huNter seemed to be on steroids.

With m0NESY supporting on AWP, they took back round after round. Just as phzy did in the first half.

Except, in overtime, it felt NiP was low on Endurance. The momentum was now difficult to slow. G2 was brute-forcing towards victory.

In the end, G2 ended up forcing double overtime. But, now G2 understood their opponents well. Eventually, they wrapped up the final 3 rounds quite easily to secure the top spot in group A.

What a CSGO match between G2 and NiP at BLAST! That is quite a start to the 2022 season. To sum up, fingers crossed for Day 2.

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