Tundra Esports wins the OGA Dota Pit Season 5 by beating Team Spirit in the Grand Finals.

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|Published 21/12/2021

Tundra Esports lifted their second title in 2021. OGA Dota pit Grand Finals between Tundra and Spirit is a series to remember.

Team Spirit are The International 2021 winners. Also, they are the current owners of Aegis of Champions. Today, they suffered their first tournament loss since TI ended.

Tundra Esports proved to be quite an adversary against Team Spirit. It was quite a domination in the last couple of matches.

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Under Fata, the legendary offlaner, the team is finding its wings finally. The confidence was visible in the aggressive playstyle of Tundra.

Let us take a look at what transpired in the Best-of-5 series for the OGA Dota Pit title.

The road to the Grand Finals for OGA Dota Pit was quite difficult for Tundra Esports.

Tundra clawed their way back from the lower brackets. Ironically, they were put there by Team Spirit in the earliest knockout stages of the tournament.

On their way to the Lower Bracket Finals, they have defeated NaVi, Nigma and OG. They finally defeated Team Secret to meet Spirit in the Grand Finals. It was time for vengeance.

Game 1 was a difficult call to make. It was the ahortest game in the Best-of-five series. The game lasted only for 28 minutes before Tundra threw in their towels.

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Game 2 was different. Contrary to Game 1, the drafting and Laning phase went pretty well. Yatoro on PA was locked down pretty hard.

Game 3 was pretty much the same story. But, Game 4 was where Tundra ESports really piled the pressure on Team Spirit.

Also, Sneyking and 33 were key in bringing Team Spirit to their knees. QOP and DP did not provide any opportunities to Spirit for map control.

The last team fight was prolonged with multiple buybacks rolling in. But, 20K networth difference cost Team Spirit dearly.

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Maybe Tundra Esports wins The International 2022.

Tundra Esports has finally put themselves on the display in a big way. After losing out any chance to play in TI10 last season, this is quite a start to the preseason.

The 3-1 victory over Team Spirit is definitely a performance to brag about. After all, they have defeated fresh TI winners.

Fata too is a Dota 2 Legend at the helms of the Tundra Esports roster. Eventually, the squad is sure to turn some heads.

To sum up, we wish luck to both teams in their future endeavours. The upcoming DPC tours will be a treat to watch.

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