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CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups Day 1: Group A Round 1

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CSGO Blast premier spring groups day 1 group a round 1 g2 complexity big NiP

Day 1 of CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups is underway. On the first day of 2022 pro-CSGO, teams have much to offer in terms of performance.

G2 Esports, Complexity, BIG and Ninjas in Pyjamas are facing each other. Teams trying to prove, that they are worth the hype.

But, often the expectation and stats do not even come close. S1mple too faced that curse for a long time. S1mple0, the ultimate curse that has now been lifted.

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But, curses aside, performance talks for itself. Except, CSGO is a team sport. Both G2 Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas have moved on to the Upper Bracket finals.

CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Group A match 1: G2 Esports vs Complexity.

G2 Esports showed absolute domination in the early rounds. On the other hand, Complexity tried to stop them in their tracks.

Except, CSGO map Nuke proved to be impossible for Complexity. A total of 28 rounds were played.

In the 16 rounds that G2 took, Complexity felt despaired. But, JT pulled back a few rounds towards the end.

But, young m0NESY and Niko locked them down. At 15-12, we thought Niko’s infamous curse would activate.

Eventually, 16 -12 to win the Bo1. A close shave there. Nikola “Niko” Kovacs scored 32 kills to take MVP.

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BLAST Premier Spring Group A match 2: BIG vs NiP

BIG put on early pressure. Hence, the aggression caught Ninjas in Pyjamas off-guard.

Also, it always felt that they were ambushed or backstabbed. But, CSGO map Overpass is NiP’s cup of tea. They fought back well.

Even at halftime, the match was too close to call. On point predictions, low HP clutches and Deagle frags, the match had it all.

Except, BIG could never recover their momentum from the early rounds. Eventually, 16-12 again to finish the round to NiP.

Hampus was the match MVP for massive plays and 28 kills. To be fair, Round 24 turned everything around for NiP.

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That is all for CSGO BLAST  Premier Spring Groups round 1 for Group A. We will provide updates along the way. 4 more matches to go.

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