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Dota 2 Dragon’s Blood releasing on Netflix on January 18.

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Dota 2 Dragon's Blood releasing on Netflix jan 18

Dota 2 Dragon’s Blood is almost set to return on Netflix shortly this month. Will the second iteration solve the issues of the opening season?

Valve and Netflix tried mindlessly to aware general viewers of Dota 2 lore. But, we can definitely say they have failed abysmally.

The artwork is bad. So is the script. The Dota 2 players hate it for disrespecting their beloved game.

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Now, it is set to return again following Riot’s Arcane success. Let’s see the possible developments and problems that Netflix needs to fix immediately.

The plot and everything that is wrong with Dota 2 Dragons Blood.

Anime makes an integral part of a lot of individuals’ everyday lives. But, the essence of a good series stays the same whether animated or not.

Dota 2 Dragon’s Blood has a serious personality disorder. It does not know what it wants to be.

The plot never thickens. The story has no linearity. The animation is disgusting. And as Dota 2 fans, we hate it.

Characters are neither memorable nor well thought out. Every episode feels like a filler.

The show is utter disrespect to a legendary ESports title. And Valve does not care one bit. Valve has too much money now to care about anything else at all.

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The series does not even qualify for the title of Anime. What was Valve X Netflix thinking?

Valve had never thought it out, we presume, not even on paper. But, as they say, “Any marketing is good marketing”.

People are now addicted to Social Media. And that gives the corporations power and capabilities for every blunder. The next blunder is always bigger than the last one.

In the capitalist world, there is no mistake. There are only perfect individuals who only think of one thing: Capital.

Though, partially it is consumerism that impacts the problem. Also, herd mentality does not help either.

Fingers crossed for the next release. But, we have no expectations. None, whatsoever.

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