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Dota 2 DPC Winter News: ImmortalFaith questions the fairness of altered Dota 2 gamefiles for gaining advantage.

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Dota 2 gamefile alteration accusesd by ImmortalFaith on Tundra 33

ImmortalFaith, coach to Team Tickles, today raised concerns about altered Dota 2 GameFiles. Is it even legal or allowed?

Micromanaging your units in Dota 2 is an art. It is one of the most difficult skills you can master in Dota 2. But, it seems EU players has an unfair advantage for some time now, it seems.

Micro-ing, as we call it, is easier it seems by altering game files. Tundra Esports Offlaner, 33, has done so in the recent qualifier matches.

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ImmortalFaith is a longtime Dota 2 player, now turned coach. He noticed mechanics, which raises eyebrows among the gaming community.

So, what happened?

Disclaimer: This post only mentions the events that happened. The article is not targeted at any individual or organisation in particular.

The events at DPC Winter Tour 2022 EU Qualifiers. What is ImmortalFaith worried about?

ImmortalFaith has stated that this is not a personal attack on Shapiro. It is a valid question to Valve regarding the current scenario.

Neta “33” Shapira was seen microing spiderlings in a weird way. He was sending BroodMother spiderlings one after the other by just right-clicking. This is hardly done by most players.

The mechanic can only be accessed after altering a certain portion of gamefiles of Dota 2. To be honest, this is unheard of in professional tournaments.

There is just one question to be answered. What is the legality of the aforementioned methodology? Is the method an acceptable modus operandi in the professional circuit?

Earlier today, ImmortalFaith posted a tweet to aware the gaming community of events. It shows the concerned parts of the problem in a video clip.

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What is the actual problem that concerns  ImmortalFaith on Dota 2 Gamefile alteration?

The first question is an ethical one, we suppose. Is it fair to use a method that is suspicious?

Is it not more or less looked upon as cheating? Even though no rules exist, can the gamefile alteration be considered legal?

Maybe, the answer is no. But, Valve will have the final say in this.

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The next question is about fairness. Valve has tried to fix it since The International of 2011. The “Fountain Hook” is one of them.

But, it is a game mechanic that existed. And, this is brute force alteration of Dota 2 Gamefiles, ImmortalFaith mentioning it or not.

Valve sure will respond to it. But, we do not expect any penalties for this. Hopefully, it all turns out well for all parties involved.

Though, the real question is, “How many of the gamers in the professionals alter Dota 2 Gamefiles?” ImmortalFaith maybe looks to tap into that question.

We expect a definitive announcement from Valve shortly. Until then.

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