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“This system is suspicious!”: Sumail revolts at the new Dota 2 DPC format as allegations of cheating arise.

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DPC News Sumail revolts at current Dota 2 professional match format

Sumail today revolted at the current Dota 2 DPC format. Sumail tweets within hours of ImmortalFaith allegations against Tundra.

2020 ushered a new era of Esports. But, not in a good way. Covid19 was the reason.

Hence, Pandemic norms have resulted in shorter rounds and non-existent LAN tournaments. Also, this creates unique opportunities and problems for Teams.

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Dota 2 community is not oblivious to cheating and scripting. The current format provides plenty of opportunities for devious measures.

But, how will the Dota 2 community tackle it? How will Valve and Dota2Devs solve this new problem?

What is Sumail referring to actually?

Dota 2 has changed a lot since its early release in 2010. Leaps and bounds have been achieved and new records made.

But, the core problems still exist. Scripting/hacking, cheating and match-fixing still plague the professional circuit. Cheaters find new ways to fool the existing system in place.

Nonetheless, let’s not get excited about this. Though, at the same time, we need to be aware of the mishaps.

Recently, in 2021 The International, Team Spirit lifted the Aegis of Champions. Yet, match 5 seemed suspicious considering how Valve handled the situation.

Magnus, which made Collapse the series MVP, was never banned in the final matchup. The question is throw or order to throw, or plain coincidence?

As the pandemic rules pan out, a wise person can see through the loopholes quite ok. VAC cannot detect everything, let alone scripts.

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Sumail currently plays Dota 2 DPC for Team Secret.

To be honest, gamers are clever too. One does embrace the dark side when realisation hits. Recent tidings on social media suggest that.

ImmortalFaith ‘s allegations on Twitter might be true after all. Concerning, to be honest. The incident does raise eyebrows.

We have to ask ourselves, what has the gaming community become? What are we as a connected society driving towards?

There was a time when honour and respect were put before profit. But, money does change people alright. As corporations continue to thrive, they leave a trail of wasted opportunities.

Valve needs to fix this problem quickly. This is like a leak in a dam. If not fixed, there is an outrage coming. Sumail is just the beginning.

Ignorance cannot be put up as an excuse anymore. At least, not in 2022.

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