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Dota 2 Twitch Drops : How to claim your very own Twitch drop for the The International 2021 official Valve stream

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Dota 2 Twitch Drops : How to claim your very own Twitch drop for the The International 2021 official Valve stream

Even though Valve has refunded tickets to the most awaited Esports event on the calendar, the competition continues to rage on between the battle-hardened veterans on the main stage, as was the norm during the pandemic.

Reddit and social media were blasted by the gaming community with questions about the Lineage drop in the DOTA II for the International’s 10th iteration. Due to the SARS CoV-2 outbreak,  the LAN event got cancelled twice and tickets were refunded.

Gaben, “The Icefrog” answered back by enabling the twitch drops to the Lineage Treasure bundle, at the last possible moment before the start of their official stream. The rules to claiming it are the same as other drops on Twitch.

You need to log in to Twitch Using your Dota 2 Account(the account where you actually keep your items)* and watch the official stream for an hour at least on Twitch. But there is a catch and most people have reported it as bugs, even though I think it really isn’t.

Watch the TI10 Stream on Twitch on in-game browser in Dota 2 client for at least an hour to claim your drop

You would need to watch the stream for an hour at least, through the in-game browser,  to claim it successfully. This seems weird, but to put it in a nutshell, Valve wants this to happen to boost viewership and gain more concurrent players on the DOTA 2 client.

Don’t expect any patch to come in to fix this. There is no patch stopping Valve from …. ahem $$$$$. let’s talk about the contents of the treasure drop itself.

Valve seemed to have gotten the knack for just the right amount of ingredients to brew up a nice Treasure Bundle. Even though Ice frog decided upon using old models and Flinging the Bling upon them, one particular set catches the eye and that obviously was the rarest one as a bonus.

Considering the odds, the maths stands at a nominal 20% chance to get the bonus reward, which is a set for the Moonlight Rider, Luna named as “Lineage Redemption of the Raidforged Rider”, phew.

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Even though it’s Fling and Bling, Valve seems to always mesmerise at the last possible moment

Specifically, the alternate mount catches the eye, looking like a cross between Vaporeon and GOJIRA, hailing from the Spirit realm. If you like the mount, you could pray to RNG Gods for your dose of free adrenaline.

There seems to be a singular drop per account for now, but you could test your Gambling luck. You did be surprised how well beginner’s luck pans out.

*that information is specifically for low-level smurf players. We carry everyone

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