Simple sent OG Dota signed NAVI jerseys to show support during TI10

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|Published November 01, 2021

Navi Simple, the mechanical God of CS:GO, sent signed jerseys to OG and N0tail during TI10. This was to show his support and respect for the Dota 2 professional team.

OG has won two Dota 2 The Internationals back to back in 2018 and 2019. OG arrived in Romania with the target of completing their TI hattrick. But, things always do not go as planned.

N0tail and OG got eliminated in the Lower bracket quarterfinals by Team Spirit. Eventually, Team Spirit went on to win TI10 after a godly performance in the knockouts.

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Simple has always been mechanically the best player in Counterstrike. But his toxicity in his early days cost him titles and teammates. Simple has never won a major.

OG N0tail has won 2 Tea-eyes.

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Both Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostyliev have accolades that no one can match. But they hardly knew each other through the professional circuit because of the different games they play.

In 2020, N0tail and S1mple got signed by Forevr, which is an eSports athlete content and marketing strategist agency. CEO Marc Ogihara leads the company while Astralis founder Frederic Byskov acts as investor and advisor.

That is how N0tail and S1mple came in contact with each other. Natus Vincere is the old eSports God who has lost its fangs. Yet the Russian team is the pioneer of modern eSports Management, top to bottom.

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Oleksandr showed his respect and support for OG by sending them autographed NaVi merchandise. Even though it is not much it is thoughtful. Johan took to social media to break the news finally.

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NaVi S1mple is yet to win a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major.

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We want to see s1mple win a major. He has been a runner up in 2 different majors with two different teams, Navi and Liquid. Fingers crossed until the next CS:GO major.

Both s1mple and n0tail stream on Twitch. Here are the links to active broadcasts:

  1. NaVi s1mple Twitch
  2. OG n0tail Youtube

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