Dota 2 updates: Valve announces Dota 2 patch 7.31 to be released after Regional Finals.

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|Published 27/01/2022

Dota 2 Patch 7.31 is supposed to be released after the DPC Regional Finals. What changes can we expect in the new patch?

The DPC Regional Finals are to start in February. And Valve has recently announced that there is no patch arriving until then.

Hence, we have to wait quite a while. Changes are necessary to keep the game balanced. Yet, some heroes have been abused awfully more than others.

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But, that is the beauty of Dota 2. Some heroes always find their place in the meta more than others. Currently, Bane is one such hero.

A patch change whilst a Tourney is ongoing is difficult. Also, the DPC is stressful. Much more than other years. It is lengthy and there is never enough time to prepare.

With a new patch, every team needs to get back to the drawing board. Honestly, that is a lot of homework for a short 3-day online Regional Finals. Hence, Valve may have decided against a new patch pre-regional Finals.

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What changes should we expect in the Dota 2 patch 7.31?

Dota 2 Patch 7.31 will be the first patch of 2022. A new patch was expected amid DPC Tour 1. But, we have to wait longer.

On the way to the TI, this will be one of the most important patches. Patch 7.31 will set the tone for the next few months. Valve’s recent decisions are a reason for this. With the launch of SteamDeck launching closer, Valve is busy with too many things.

Magnus was broken after the addition of Horn Toss in 2021. Hence, it was changed pretty quickly. Right now, the same is true for some meta heroes.

Spirit Breaker, Bane, Snapfire, Wraith King and Lycan.  Furthermore, there are many heroes that are broken in the laning phase. Outworld Devourer is one of them. Though, OD scales pretty well in the late game too.

Mage Slayer is one item that pretty much no one uses in the patch.

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Valve has not released a patch between The International and end of year for first time in 9 years.

Furthermore, a lot of heroes are relegated to the bottom of pick rates. Heroes such as Nature’s Prophet, Doom and Rubick have tanked in pick rates.

Moreover, their skill set does not provide a lot of options. They are picked only in favourable situations.

A lot of players have also requested Roshan Pit changes. It is a while since the Roshan has changed his home.

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Furthermore, the fact that Dire has more win rate over the Radiant side needs balancing. Hence, no surprise if Roshan favours the Radiant side a bit more in the next patch.

Also, the importance of outposts is looked over. Consequently, expect a buff or more outposts added to the map or repositioned.

Currently, the location of Dire Outpost heavily favours the Roshan fights.

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