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DPC WEU Tour 1 Division 1: Final rankings on DPC EU point table after tie breakers.

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DPC EU point table

DPC Winter Qualifiers 2022 for the Western European region has ended, with Tundra Esports at the top. How does the DPC EU point table stack up?

The tie-breakers on Friday was extraordinary. It was rather rare too that 4 teams ended up with the same score, to begin with.

Nonetheless, 6 BO1 matches were played to decide the final position on the table. There were DPC points on the line and prize money of course.

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There are talks of supposed online Major/regionals ongoing. And, if that happens, only the top 4 from each region can participate.

But, those are still rumours. Though Nigma Galaxy and Team Secret were improving, tiebreakers were rough for both teams. Sadly, Nigma lost all 3 matchups.

Nigma had to play against Secret, Tundra Esports and OG. But, Tundra ESports was exceptionally dominant on Friday.

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Furthermore, Bane remains the highest picked hero with over 72% win rate. And Tundra has played it quite often.

Also, the Tundra vs Nigma match was shocking. OG won two matches and Secret won 1 of them.

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EU Division I Point Table

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesDPC PointsSeedPrize
1Team Liquid6-113-6300Major Playoffs$30,000
2Team Tickles5-211-5180Major Group Stage$28,000
3Tundra Esports4-39-6120Major Wildcard Stage$27,000
4OG4-310-760Major Wildcard Stage$26,000
5Team Secret4-39-730$25,000
6Nigma Galaxy4-38-7N/A$24,000
7Alliance1-62-8N/ADemoted to lower division$23,000
8Coolguys0-71-8N/ADemoted to lower division$22,000

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Below is the tie-breaker score from Friday. DPC EU point table will develop more as the Regional finals roll in.

3rd-6th Place Tiebreaker
3. Tundra Esports3-0
5.Team Secret1-2
6. Nigma Galaxy0-3

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