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CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups start tomorrow. How does Day 1 stack up?

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CSGO Blast premier Spring Groups predictions day 1

The First day of 2022 pro-CSGO Starts tomorrow. What to look out for on Day 1 of CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups?

BLAST Premier Spring Groups start tomorrow. It has been over a month since the last CSGO match of 2021.

Over the last month or so, we witnessed the most active CSGO pro-market in the last 10 years. Hence, it is clear that teams are looking for an answer.

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When someone competes, one only looks to become the best. Except, CSGO is a difficult title to master.

The existing veterans of the game have never been better. But, with roster changes, the team coordination and starts need to build up again. Also, there is the issue of players not being able to play to team strategies.

Moreover, NaVi and s1mple took the offline CSGO by storm in 2021. They have won 6 LANs including the PGL Major Stockholm. Honestly, winning the major is the primary reason for teams being so volatile to change.

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CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups end on February 6.

No Major in 2020, and 2021 Major has the biggest prize pool in CSGO to date. Currently, NaVi is on an impossible win streak, and teams look to stop that.

The Group stages start tomorrow. Furthermore, all matches are Bo1 and online. The matches for Group A ends tomorrow.

G2 Esports face Complexity. While, BIG faces Ninjas in Pyjamas. The games are played in Double Elimination format. The matches beyond the group stage are single elimination.

G2 Esports are the strongest in Group A, undoubtedly. Furthermore, the addition of m0NESY brings some hope. XTQZZZ and Aleksib are the new coach and captains.

Aleksib is acquired from OG in exchange for Nexa. It would be quite shocking if G2 cannot end up as group toppers.

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Last Chance on 6th February, is the final opportunity for teams to reach Spring Finals.

Currently, it is a difficult call to make between BIG and Complexity. Though, BIG has defeated the Extra Salt roster and Complexity has acquired multiple members from that team.

Hence, we think BIG has an edge. NiP is suffering since 2019. But, it is doubtful if they have found a solution to their problems.

Though, NiP is on a path to improvement. It is difficult to make a call between BIG and NiP, in who finishes second.

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As it stands, Group A should look like this at the end of Day 1:

1. G2 Esports

2. Ninjas in Pyjamas

3. BIG

4. Complexity

It should be quite a breeze for G2 Esports. Hence, we do not expect any tragedies on Day 1.

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