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Dota 2 DPC updates: Regional Finals confirmed for DPC by DreamHack for Europe.

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Dota 2 DPC regional finals 2022 Winter Tour announced by Dreamhack for WEU

Dota 2 Regional Finals for Western Europe has been confirmed by DreamHack for their DreamLeague. More prize money and DPC points for the top 4.

DreamHack, the organisers of DreamLeague, announced the Regional Finals for WEU Division 1. The announcement comes in as confirmation for rumours circulated earlier by Valve.

Therefore, the Winter Major 2022 replacement is the Regional Finals for each region. More importantly, it has a prize pool and there are more DPC points on the line.

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The news is sweet music to the ears of many. Because a lot of teams are waiting to get their hands on a decent prize pool for a while now.

As mentioned earlier, the Regional Finals for Dota 2 is occurring for six different regions. Furthermore, the finals shall mark the end of the DPC Winter Tour/Tour 1.

What do we know currently about the DPC Winter Tour Regional Finals?

Currently, DreamHack has confirmed the following details regarding the tourney:

  • The tournament is played between the top 4 Winter Tour Qualifiers from each region.
  • The prize pool is confirmed to be $100000 and 380 Dota 2 Pro Circuit points are on the line for each of the six regions. Also, the breakdown of the rewards has already been released.
  • The tournament is short and will be played over 3 days online. Currently, the date has been fixed from February 11th to February 13th.

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PlaceUSDDPC PointsTeam
2nd$25,000130 TBD
Place 3rd and 4th

At the moment, only DreamHack has mentioned this as of now. there is confirmation coming in from other organisers too.

Consequently, that makes DreamHack the one to break news. After a short rebellion from Dota 2 pros, an event is finally happening.

But, there is a concern. The Major was supposed to have 1900 points on the line. But, now the total stands at 380 x 6 = 2280.

Though, the total prize pool has been increased to $100000 x 6 =$600000. Hence, the points might be balanced later as the Tour progresses.

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Format for DPC Regional Finals for Dota 2.

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Schedule for the DPC WEU Regional final matches.

Timings are yet to be announced. But, the match pool is already decided.

11th February

Team Liquid vs OG

Team Tickles vs Tundra Esports

Lower Bracket Round 1 (TBD)

12th February

Upper Bracket Finals (TBD)

13th February

Lower Bracket Finals(TBD)

Grand Finals(TBD)

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