“EG is super s**t, Alliance is really good”, Alliance Twitter shares throwback video of Notail ahead of EG vs OG hype match at TI10

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|Published 08/10/2021

OG Notail reminisces his interview with Sheever during Omega League, as the Hype match between OG and EG draws near (TI10:EG vs OG at 2021-10-09 12:30 GMT+5.5)

OG N0tail(Johan Sundstein) and EG Fly(Tal Aizik) have known each other from Dota 1 days. Never have they left any stone unturned to fling memes at each other through their Twitter handle indirectly. On April 20, 2021, Team Alliance joined the party after Team Secret posted an image of Anti-Mage trying to last hit a creep and they asked people to tag someone who would miss that LH.

Alliance chose OG’s carry, Anathan “ana” Pham, in their reply which further led to some more funny banter. OG spiced up their series against Alliance scheduled for April 21 during Omega League in another epic tweet.

Notail disses EG and supports Team Alliance’s fairplay attitude

Now we all know how TI 8 panned out. Notail’s friend and Co-founder of OG, Fly left him out to dry by joining EG. Sparks flew that year, as Notail went all in as Captain, along with rookie Topson(mid), Ana.God(Ex pos 1), Jerax(Ex pos 4) and Ceb as Playmaker. A cinderella story to remember, of determination and dedication for the game we all love. OG won that year and the next, turning Johan into the richest gamer in E-Sports history.

Ana’s return to the competitive scene has been met with numerous sarcastic and funny memes even though deciding upon retiring shortly after.OG Notail continued the trend by jokingly mentioning to Sheever that Evil Geniuses has got nothing over them and Team Secret at Omega League play-offs.

Both teams are soon to meet for the 3rd time in the pro-circuit this year. Expect some fireworks and nuclear armaments as living legends clash with one another.

OG vs EG Hype-match/where does Alliance come into play?

The Omega League video was recirculated using voiceover, replacing EG with Alliance, with the intention of meme-ing the Alliance Team. I am sure Loda will take a jab at OG soon. This seems a good way to hype up the community before the match starts tomorrow at 07:30 UTC between OG and EG.

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