Dota 2 roster changes: Alliance releases coach Okcya and Handsken from their organisation after getting demoted to Division 2.

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|Published January 23, 2022

Swedish Dota 2 team Alliance released Captain Handsken and coach okcya from their organisation. The changes come after Alliance suffered their first demotion in DPC.

Alliance was always regarded as one of the best teams in Dota 2. Also, they have won The International in 2013.

But, since the online era, Alliance has underperformed overall. Now, they have to claw their way out of Division 2.

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Following the demotion, Alliance has now released okcya and Handsken from their Dota 2 team. But, more roster changes might be incoming.

Team Alliance who won TI in 2013, but is now demoted to Division 2.

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Over the course of the season, Alliance has rarely played to their peak. Or have they? But, their performance and coordination were not enough to see them through.

Currently, Alliance ranks 7th out of 8 division 1 participants. Along with Alliance, CoolGuys too will be demoted.

Instead of the two teams, Entity Europe and Team Brame will join Div 1. Hopefully, they can fair better.

Honestly, it is not a shock anymore. Tier 2 teams have massively improved. Team Spirit also climbed from Div 2 to eventually win TI10.

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Okcya and Handsken may be the first of the few changes on the Alliance Dota 2 squad.

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Jonathan “Loda” Berg, the founder of Team Alliance, issued a lengthy statement on their departure from Dota 2 Div 1. He states his views and what his organisation would be doing moving forward.

Loda mentions that they are going to recover from this. Also, they think the team members see the defeat as a lesson.

But, the team is also being rebuilt at the moment. There is nothing else to be done before the 2nd Tour begins. Furthermore, the team has lost its mojo.

Also, they are mentally exhausted. Currently, there is no confirmation regarding the number of changes.

To sum up, we wish Team Alliance luck in their future endeavours. Hopefully, they bounce back from this.

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AdmiralBulldog, the tea-eye winner, is a stand-in player for Alliance Dota 2.

AdmiralBulldog, co-owner and tea-eye winner, is currently the 5th player and stand-in. Currently, the Alliance Dota 2 roster looks as follows:

IDNamePositionJoin Date
NikobabyNikolay Nikolov1
Supream^Ondřej Štarha2
LeslãoRodrigo Santos3
AramisAdam Moroz4
AdmiralBulldogHenrik AhnbergSub

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