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CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Gauntlet: USA vs Germany. EG versus BIG.

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BIG versus EG, BIG Clan versus Evil Geniuses at CSGO BLAST premier Spring gauntlet match 3 2022

BIG and EG faced off against each other for the final match of day 1 of CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Gauntlet. War of worlds.

NA and Europe have their own defining playstyles. Dual entry grenades versus the running jump boosts. 3 bouts to decide the best between BIG and EG.

Evil Geniuses underwent serious roster changes starting off in 2022. BIG on the other hand are looking to make a point in CSGO Esports.

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EG has been designated by many as the NA dream team. But, they started off with a loss in 2022.

BIG and EG played the full series of 3 matches in BLAST Premier Spring Gauntlet.

Today was yet another loss for Evil Geniuses. Yet, there were signs of massive improvement since we last saw them on Sunday.

BIG Clan too mustered all they could and came out on top. A 2-1 scoreline to finish off the day.

The matches were pretty close. Except, EG’s inability to win a singular pistol round cost them dearly. EG lost all of the 6 rounds of the pistol battle.

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When the matches get close each round matters. EG tries to return the favour in Eco rounds. Autimatic pulled off insane 1deags, but it won’t be enough.

Out of the 3 maps, EG would win only one. Overpass, Dust II and Vertigo to finish off.

BIG Clan won 2 to 1 over Evil Geniuses in the Gauntlet Groups.

Evil Geniuses won Overpass as a team, which was commendable. They lacked skills for solo fights against BIG Clan. Hence, more often than not, they were overwhelmed.

Dust II and Vertigo became incredibly one-sided, once the economy hit rock-bottom. Aggressive buys are a necessity to get ahead in-game.

But, one needs to win with the aggressive or full buy. EG AWPer CerQ had little impact on all three maps. It is a looming problem.

On the other hand, BIG syrson decimated EG aggression and strategies. BIG won the last two maps back to back to seal the series 2-1.

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8-16 on Overpass, 16-12 on Dust II and 16-10 on Vertigo to seal the deal. EG still needs some practice with the new roster.

The CSGO BLAST Spring Gauntlet against BIG should be a wake-up call for EG and NA CSGO. All three Na teams lost out to their opponents today.

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