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“Stay down,” Secret Captain Puppey advised OG to stay in lower bracket after their loss in Dota 2 The International

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|Tue Oct 12 2021

Secret went on to demolish reigning TI Champions OG 2-0 in upper Bracket quarter finals. Secret captain Puppey interviewed with Sir Action Slacks and commented on OG’s future at TI10.

Secret Puppey has been in the Dota 2 The International for the 10th time in a row. Yet, he never could win another one beyond his exploits with NaVi at the very first Internati0nal in 2011. Even with teammates like Dendi, Funn1k, Kuroky and ArtStyle, he could never win another Aegis of Champions.

Kuroky, Puppey’s compatriot, too appeared at TI9 last and won with team Liquid in 2017. At 31 years of age, Puppey is the oldest pro-gamer at The International.

Puppey in his interview talks about the psychological challenges that a pro player faces and how understanding your teammates can help improve team performance. This once again shows how intelligent and profound is the thought process of the Commander of Team Secret.

SirActionSlacks asks if Secret Puppey has any message for Team OG, after mentioning team OG’s exploits from the Lower Bracket. Puppey jokingly exclaimed, “Stay DOWN!!”. It is all festivities at Secret practice camp, as they won the hyped-up match against OG.

Puppey’s message to OG: “Stay Down!”

Some old trends were also broken, namely, China winning alternate years at TI since the 2nd TI in 2012. But no Asian team has won TI since 2016, which was Wings.Gaming.

Even though SEA and China are different regions, we heartily pray to Gaming Gods that the reign of the superiority of European regions is balanced with the playstyle of the rest of the world.

Secret Puppey (Clement Ivanov) is a down to earth guy with strong passion for Dota as a game. He is the Grand-Daddy of Dota 2 and we would love to hear more boomer jokes from him in the coming days.

Secret Puppey explains the mental stresses of a Pro-player and wishes luck to the teams in the Lower Bracket

Much to everyone’s surprise on stream, when being asked about the mental strength required to stay in the Lower bracket, he let his heart out. He states it is never difficult to play the game if you are emotional about it. But getting blinded by emotions is not the way to play the game of Dota 2.

Puppey stated to SirActionSlacks that, to play the game and enjoy it, one needs to play the game and shut everything else out. This is easier said than done and goes on to show the support that Puppey likes to give to the data 2 community. Excommunicated Evil Geniuses roster member FeAr was one such guy.

Most of Puppey’s exploit in Dota 2 has been anything but the 2nd Aegis of Champions. With countless majors under his belt as the Captain of Team Secret for his 7th year now, his ultimate dream to win 3 Internationals still remains a pipedream.

Only the OG team with two consecutive TI wins under the command of N0tail is closer than anyone else. But this year maybe, we finally see some change.

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