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LEGO Fortnite breaks OG’s player peak record within a day of its release

Amlan Roy

An image showing LEGO Fortnite screengrab from the game

LEGO Fortnite is the latest game mode that has been added to Epic’s well-known shooter and fans can’t get enough of it. After its release on December 7, 2023, many streamers took on this mode and valued the experience within the game. The success of this mode has been phenomenal and got many good reviews from different players globally.

Just like Minecraft, LEGO Fortnite has been created as an online co-op survival game, that allows crafting. Since this is a new experience in the game, fanbases of both franchises tried it instantly upon release. Even more, the latest game mode managed to break Fortnite OG’s record of 26.5 million daily player peak record.

When Fortnite OG was first released, it got the attention of long-standing fans who’ve played since the early days. Even new players who have started the game recently got the chance to relive the old days in the game to some extent. Thus, that game mode quickly became a success, and fans even asked for it back in Chapter 5 Season 1.

Epic Games has revealed that the OG game mode will be coming back sometime next year. This is due to its popularity among the fanbase who wish to play in the classic island map. However, all this hype doesn’t stack up to the success of LEGO Fortnite as it has beaten OG’s record of most players.

Instead of providing a battle royale experience, players have the option to create new things in a safe environment compared to the base game. A Minecraft-like experience in Fortnite was something that was not expected, yet fans of both franchises are loving it. This adoration is visible in data as the latest game mode beat Fortnite OG’s 26.5 million 24-hour peak record.

LEGO Fortnite reaches over 27 million peak players

According to the data from, it has been found out that Fortnite has seen a peak of approximately 27 million players in December. Not only that, the game even saw an increase in population by 4 million players which is noteworthy. With the release of LEGO Fortnite, many have dived into the game altogether.

The best part about LEGO Fortnite is how it implements the theme of the franchise in the world of the game. According to the official statement from Epic Games about the game mode, the title has a lot to offer like exploration, building, and survival experience. However, the gameplay is a bit similar to Minecraft, but the full homework wasn’t copied. With that said, the latest game mode has become a quick success in the fanbase and is here to stay for a while.

Fortnite fans have shared on the internet how much fun they are having with the new game mode. Netizens have also exclaimed how good the collaboration is and how much they love it. This is not the only addition that is being made to the title, as Epic Games has also collaborated with Rocket League to bring it to Fortnite. 

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