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CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups Day 2: OG wins Group B.

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BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022 OG CSGO win Group B

As CSGO sees the biggest upset yet of 2022, OG won Group B of BLAST Premier Spring Groups. NaVi did not stand a chance.

OG CSGO is showing signs of growth. OG had never decided on joining CSGO. But, with a roster like this, they took a chance.

Even though they did not play against the supposed strongest team in Group B, they played brilliantly.

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OG played three matches and won all. Except, we need much more sample size. Bo1 is a difficult call to make when championships are either Bo3 or Bo5.

Still, a win is a win. And considering the pandemic sanctions, qualifiers are all likely to be Bo1.

New signing Nexa proved his versatility and deadliness in every map. He holds point on a lot of important encounters.

He scored a whole lot of multi-kills from the get-go on Ancient. So, is OG Nexa IGL or carry?

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G2 Esports traded Nexa for Aleksib, after multiple woes in 2021. But, for what it’s worth, Nexa carried G2 at its worst. And now, with the new atmosphere, he can perform and help grow the young OG roster with his experience.

Nexa and FlameZ were absolute showstoppers for OG. Considering the investment made by OG, the performance puts big teams to shame.

OG faced Astralis twice and MIBR once. They dominated all maps they played.

OG CSGO ‘s killing grounds: Ancient

OG played Ancient twice. Once against Astralis and then against MIBR. Both times OG vanquished their opponents pretty easily.

Astralis showed signs of brilliance early. But, they eventually got shut down pretty hard. FlameZ took point, as his teammates picked everyone off one by one every round.

At some points, he was preventing the entire enemy team from aggressive entries. Especially, in the next match against MIBR, their strat was at its cleanest.

Confidence can do wonders. With Nexa to cover up for teammates mistakes, OG played may have played their best CSGO yet.

At one point, MIBR were 13-2 down at halftime. Eventually, MIBR lost 16-9 to OG.

OG closed out Ancient against Astralis in 16-8 fashion.

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CSGO BLAST Premier Group B finals: OG vs Astralis

The Group finals were close at halftime. 8-7 on the scoreboard meant it was anyone’s game. Except, it was Inferno.

Now, Inferno is a T-sided map. It was the most T-sided map of 2021. Winning a few defending rounds is important to win the map.

OG won 8 out of 15. Astralis could only score win one round while defending bombsites on CT-side. And that led to their downfall.

OG closed out Astralis second time to win Inferno 16-8. A dominating CSGO day by OG.

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Regardless, they were awesome. Congratulations on finishing the top 1 from group B. Hopefully, they can maintain their form, or maybe get even better with the addition of Nexa.

Hence, there is much CSGO from OG  to look forward to in BLAST Premier Spring.

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