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“The players are way better than what their results showed”: OG Nexa comments on his new CSGO team.

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OG Nexa CSGO IGl interview with HLTV at IEM Katowice

The in-game leader of OG CSGO, Nexa, is one of the few captains on a hot streak in 2022. He sees extraordinary potential in the young and inexperienced OG roster.

Nemanja nexaIsaković made a transfer to OG from G2 early this season. It was a standout IGL trade between OG and G2. And from prior interviews, it is quite sure that the relationship with the G2 roster had turned sour.

As a result, Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen was traded with Nexa into G2 ESports. But, success followed Nexa to the new team.

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Nexa and the unripe squad took BLAST Premier Spring Groups by storm. Though, they started off pretty slow this year.

OG CSGO roster under the leadership of Nexa is on a winning streak.

The squad under the Serbian IGL is on an unbeaten streak. They only lost their first match of the year against Astralis in BLAST.

Thus, OG has revelled in a successful month with wins. Their journey in IEM Katowice is off to a strong start too.

OG has beaten Renegades in the Bo1 in a hard-fought match into Overtime on Nuke. While ENCE got whitewashed in what was a pretty easy brawl for OG.

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Currently, there are rumours suggesting that OG Valde was supposed to be at the helm of OG. But, the Serbian categorically denied rumours claiming that Valdemar⁠valde⁠ Bjørn Vangså was originally meant to be the IGL.

In his interview, he went on to talk about OG‘s success thus far.  Also, Nexa has cited the depth of the individual skill and adaptive playstyle as some of the main reasons.

Nexa states that the trade between him and Aleksib was unexpected but, probably for the better.

The move to OG was unexpected but Nexa mentions that a mental reset was necessary. The current successful streak of results is an ode to that fact.

Nexa mentioned the following when asked about the team’s current success:

“ I think the team is on a Honeymoon period now. Everyone’s currently liking the change of pace. Maybe it is the new leadership and more freedom of playstyle. They do not back down from duels.”

“But, they are still quite inexperienced. Hopefully, under my leadership, we can achieve something that I could not in G2.”

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OG and Nexa have still to prove much as a roster. But, with time and experience, we expect the OG roster to flourish eventually, even if they decide to part ways. Furthermore, the solo talent of the young roster cannot be unnoticed.

Here is the current OG roster:

valdeValdemar Bjørn Vangså2019-12-04 [1]
mantuuMateusz Wilczewski2019-12-04 [1]
nikoNikolaj Kristensen2021-03-17 [5]
flameZShahar Shushan2021-04-09 [6]
nexaNemanja Isaković2022-01-23 [12]
ruggah (Coach)Casper Due2020-01-29 [2]

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