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“End of an ERA”: As Sentinels drop Zombs from their Valorant Roster to make way for Kanpeki

Tanmaiy Reddy

"End of an ERA": As Sentinels drop Zombs from their Valorant Roster to make way for Kanpeki

We finally get to see a roster change in one of the best Valorant teams. With Sentinels subbing in Kanpeki in Zomb’s place.

Sentinels, the first team to win an International tournament(in a flawless fashion). Opt to make a roster change before going into NA VCT Stage 2, after some disappointing performance.

Sentinals have been the one and only team from NA which has a consistent roster. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose they always want to fix their mistakes rather than making roster changes left right and center. But after having the same roster for more than a year, they deemed to make a roster change due to their chain of bad performance.

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Sentinels roster change

Zombs getting dropped

Zombs has been a member of Sentinels for almost two years now. And has been one of the best controller players and the leader of the great Zombs nation. However recent performance has not been in his favor. Due to this Sentinels decided it might be time for a change.

As for Zomb’s current situation, he will be a member of Sentinels for now. But he can look for other teams if he wants to, But won’t be able to take part in VCT Stage 2.

Kanpeki, the latest addition

Eric “Kanpeki” Xu is a childhood friend of Tyson aka Tenz. That is how he was first introduced to the team and his performance and skill did the rest of the talking. Kanpeki was previously a member of Akrew where he used to play Jett.

According to Tenz Kanpeki is kind of a nerd, which I think is what Sentinels need for now. After watching his gameplay in his previous tournament, the Sentinels team was really comfortable in adding him to the roster.

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Current Roster and their roles

Here is the current roster for Sentinels:

  • Shahzam (IGL)
  • Tenz (Dualist)
  • Sick: with zombs leaving the roster, Sick will be taking up the role of a controller
  • Dapr (Sentinel)
  • Kanpeki (KAY/O)

We will get to see the roster live on NA VCT Stage 2, starting on the 27th of April.

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