Fnatic drops BraveAF and Magnum from their Valorant Competitive Roster

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published April 22, 2022

After a disappointing result in the Valorant Masters Reykjavik, Fnatic opts to drop BraveAF and Magnum from their roster.

Fnatic was the first team to qualify for Valorant Masters, but at the same time, it was one of the first teams to be out of the tournament as well. They really have just been going through a string of bad luck.

We all know that Fantic is one of the best teams from the EMEA region. In fact, they are the only team to qualify for all international events so far. But following up on their performance, Fnatic opts to make some roster changes.

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Fnatic drops BraveAF and Magnum


BraveAF has been in the news for quite some time now. As he was suspended from the roster due to his actions. BraveAF has been on loan for Fnatic for quite some time now. But due to his controversies and some disagreements, his contract with Fantic will end on May 1st.

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We also have Fnatic’s Team Director, Colin Johnson giving his reasoning behind the change, “As we continued to evaluate how we could maintain BraveAF’s place in the roster, we realized more and more that unfortunately, his position was untenable. This is due to a lack of clarity around being able to come to future boot camps, live events, and even our ability to continue to pay him due to political restrictions. Therefore, we are saying goodbye to Brave on May 1st – although we have made the step as a team and an organization to give him a large extra chunk of the Challengers prize pool which we hope will help make sure he is taken care of in the near future. If there was a world where we could have reasonably kept him, we would have, but sadly it just wasn’t possible.


Magnum joined Fnatic in April 2021, and coincident got dropped in April 2022. And his 1 year of gameplay for Fnatic has been pretty impressive. He sent out a TwitLonger with his comments on this change. He will be an open agent for now, till a team discovers his potential.

Fnatic’s full announcement.

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Current Members of Fnatic

As of now, Fnatic has the following members:

  • Boaster
  • Derke
  • Mistic
  • otom(sub)
  • Fearoth(sub)
  • CoJo (Manager)
  • Mimi (Coach)
  • Marcus (Performance Coach)

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