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Best Gaming Mouse : Top performing gaming mouse for every budget.

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best gaming mouse

The best gaming mouse today is supposed to be ultra-lightweight and feature-rich. What should be an ideal choice for a mouse?

Gaming peripherals have evolved a lot in the last decade. New technology and the need for more precise equipment drives the hardware business.

The regular Mouse in its early days was crude and clicks were inaccurate. That was 15 years ago. The gaming hardware has improved a lot since then.

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A crying need for low latency gaming mice led to the rise of companies like Razer and Logitech. The products they released remained unrivalled for a long time in the last decade.

The PC Master Race (PCMR) drives the need for better hardware.

Eventually, as gamers got more competitive and rich, companies started investing more into research. Today, the latency on the best hardware is as low as 0.02 ms.

We all know that getting good hardware does not make you a better gamer. However, it can definitely make the experience more to your liking. Also, there is a fine line between an economic buy and something that’s absolute garbage.

We stacked up a lot of mice with each other to reach a viable answer. We’ve also taken the nature of the game being played into consideration. End needs of the user, i.e. ergonomics, looks, weight etc. are most important.

Read on to find the only mice that give you the absolute best bang for your buck gaming hardware.

Logitech M100

We could not compile a mice round off without Logitech M100. Even though it is the granddaddy of all gaming mice, every ambidextrous design follows the same philosophy.

While Logitech G Pro is Porsche 911, M100 is Volkswagen Beetle. The mouse design is eternal and it is no slouch under the hood. At $7.99, it is the cheapest on this list.

The mouse comes with a 1000 DPI sensor with LED Optical tracking. There are only 3 buttons and fixed DPI.

It is the only mouse in the market that comes with 3 years of warranty. M100 only weighs 90g.

If you love wires and just starting PC gaming, there is nothing better. For others, this is the best backup mouse.

Logitech G203 Lightsync

Priced at $40, Logitech seems to just hit the sweet spot for a midrange gaming mouse. The colorway is funky, but the basic design hasn’t diverged much from prior generations.

The mouse bears similarities with G102 and G302. Even though the design is ambidextrous, the mouse is strictly right-handed. So are most of them.

G203 comes with an 8000 DPI sensor with a minimum resolution of 200. The gaming mouse also has a 1000Hz (1ms) max polling rate.

Weighing in at only 85g, it is the lightest mouse in its class. You could also opt for G203 Prodigy to save a few bucks.

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Logitech G305/304 Lightspeed

G305 is the best entry-level wireless gaming mouse. The mouse has a 12000 DPI Hero sensor and costs under $50.

The mouse weighs just above 100g, which is quite manageable. G502 weighs at least 150g without the weights.

The mouse is ergonomic and follows the same design philosophy as G203. The mouse runs for almost 200 hours with included battery.

For the price point, there is no wireless more durable than this. The colourway is cheerful and the charge level indicator is a nice addition.

The Mouse also comes in a KD/A colour option. G304 is the same mouse marketed with a different name in Asian markets.

Razer Orochi V2

This wireless gaming mouse called Orochi V2 is in a league of its own. Priced at $70 MSRP, it is a bit on the pricier side.

This is also the lightest mouse in this roundup. The mouse weighs only 71g with a standard AA lithium battery.

The mouse is pretty small and the weight is quite well-centered. Hence the mouse ergo feels pretty nice in smaller hands. Also, the upper shell is customisable.

But, the selling point of the Razer Orochi V2 is 900+ hours of Battery life in Bluetooth mode. At low latency/gaming mode, the mouse can run for about 400+ hours of sustained use.

Razer has provided us with an 18000 DPI sensor and razer green switches. It is a good buy for people who want small high-performance mice.

Logitech G Pro Wired

The G Pro gaming mouse is a very popular gaming device. This device was hyped up by both Pro-gamers and Streamers alike.

The mouse has been primarily targeted at FPS players. As usual, the ambidextrous design lacks thumb buttons for a lefty.

LightSync enabled mouse is quite light at 85g without wires. G Pro also houses a 25600 DPI Hero sensor with a 1ms response time.

Low profile provides a solid ergonomic design with 6 programmable buttons. Lesser moving parts mean more reliability.

This is the mouse that NaVi s1mple used to win Stockholm Major 2021. Priced at $70 MSRP, it is priced better than most hardware in the market.

But, the overshot price of the wireless G Pro, is questionable.

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Razer Basilisk V3

Razer gained a lot of momentum early in gaming hardware. To be honest, most companies are riding the waves created by Razer 15 years ago.

With so many unique devices to look out for, Razer always turns heads. With Basilisk V3, they want to change the game.

Basilisk V3 is ergonomically accessible. Even though there are 11 programmable buttons, the layout is useable for fast-paced action.

Minimalist players might find the device too distracting, with more scope for misclicks. But, the overall package is as thoughtful and glamourous as ever.

A 26000 DPI sensor and 1ms response time with optical-mechanical switches. You can also switch between 5 custom profiles after saving the configurations on Razer Synapse.

At $70 MSRP, there is not much better hardware you could really ask for.

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