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2-Time F1 Champion Max Verstappen Shares The Same Phobia for Creepy Crawlies as Rival Charles Leclerc

Tejas Venkatesh

2-Time F1 Champion Max Verstappen Shares the Same Phobia for Creepy Crawlies as Rival Charles Leclerc

Max Verstappen will defend his 2nd World Championship crown this season as the Dutchman sets his sights on a 3rd consecutive title. Only 4 drivers have achieved this feat in the past and Verstappen is keen on becoming the 5th.

On track, Verstappen is a fearless driver. The Red Bull Wonderkid is known for his aggressive driving style and daring overtakes.

But seems like Verstappen has one fear that he shares with his title rival Charles Leclerc. And the Dutchman is glad to not have to cross paths with his fear often.

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Max Verstappen admits fear of snakes and spiders

Max Verstappen describes himself as a mild Ophidiophobe and Arachnophobe. Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders while Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes.

The Dutchman claims he has somehow overcome his fear of Spiders, but not by much. “I don’t mind the small spiders, but not the big hairy ones.”


What Verstappen definitely cannot handle is being close to a serpent. He added, “And snakes, I really don’t like them! Luckily, where I live in Monaco, it’s not bad.”

In one instance, the Red Bull garage crew played a prank on their marquee driver by planting a fake snake in his car’s monocoque. As you’d expect, Verstappen did not enjoy it!

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When Verstappen’s rival Leclerc was presented with a Snake

Max Verstappen is not the only one on the current grid. He is joined by his 2022 title rival Charles Leclerc who also hates to be around creepy crawlies.

Unfortunately, ahead of his F1 debut in 2018, Leclerc visited a zoo in Australia for a wildlife protection and awareness event. And the poor Monegasque came head-to-head with his biggest fear as he held a giant python on his shoulders.

He recalled the moment saying, “In my first year in F1 back in Australia, it was also the first Grand Prix of the season, they made me hold a snake in my hand. Scary, never again!”

The high-speed and dangerous sport of racing is reserved for the daring few. While Leclerc admits he, like many other drivers, outgrew this fear over the years, snakes and spiders aren’t the same.

“When I’m in the car, nothing scares me. Outside the car, I have a terrible fear of snakes.” Needless to say, the Ferrari driver is never doing that ever again!

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