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Remodification at $11.6 Million estate got Christian Horner into feud with neighbours

Tejas Venkatesh

$68 Million net worth Christian Horner and wife Geri receive complaints from their neighbours

Christian Horner and his wife Geri have received complaints from their neighbours after building a stable in their estate home.

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner leads one of F1’s most formidable teams. The team led by Max Verstappen on track are on course to win their first constructors title this season since 2013.

Horner loves to live a calm and luxurious life with his family. In 2015, he married former Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell.

He and Geri live with their son Monty, Geri’s daughter Bluebell and Christian’s daughter Olivia. The $68 Million net worth team principal spends time in his two-family homes.

The power couple has a fortune of $500 Million. This is clearly visible if one check’s out Geri and Christian’s posh country estate in Branbury, Oxfordshire which is almost worth $11.6 Million.

Their homes feature a variety of luxuries, including swimming pools, a boating lake, and even a farm! Yes, they have lush green vegetable patches and grow raspberries and strawberries on their own backyard farm.

Christian claimed that he enjoys spending time at his farm. He had said earlier, “Restoring the farm has been my hobby. This is the way I put racing out of my mind.”

And Geri enjoys spending time with animals. She owns a variety of animals and pets from chickens to goats and even three miniature donkeys.

Geri is also an avid lover of horses. She reportedly has around 14 horses on her property. The couple has built a new stable but it seems like this has turned off the couple’s neighbours.

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Christian Horner and Geri at war over ‘hideous’ stable

Christian Horner and his wife Geri own around 14 horses in their family home in Branbury, Oxfordshire. They seem to have upset their neighbours after building a stable for her on their land.

According to their neighbours, they constructed the stable without prior planning permissions. They seem to be annoyed that former Spice Girl and Red Bull boss are disregarding planning permission rules.

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A neighbour earlier claimed that the ‘hideous’ stable ‘destroys landscapes and views’. One reportedly complained: “They have even re-routed public footpaths and installed their own style gates. How is that being allowed?”

And It seems that their newly built stable is taller than the barn they previously replaced. It is so huge that it affects their neighbours are facing trouble receiving a good mobile phone signal.

No wonder their neighbours have been revved up. Earlier this year, the couple’s plans for a new greenhouse were denied by the local council.

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