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“Mansion with acres of farmland”– Take a look inside Christian Horner’s $500 Million worth fortune in England

Janmeyjay Shukla

"A mansion with a acres of farmland"– Take a look inside Christian Horner's $500 Million worth fortune in England

Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell’s country house in Oxfordshire contains all the luxurious amenities where they live a quiet private life.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner lives with his wife Geri Halliwell or better known as the Ginger Spice Girl. They enjoy a dream life with a combined net worth of over $500 million.

The best-selling girl band member and the principal of one of the greatest F1 teams of this generation have two country homes. One of the houses is in Oxfordshire while the other one is in Hertfordshire.

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Christian and Geri horner’s country house in Oxfordshire

The power couple knows how to spend big, and enjoy quite a personal life outside the constant media nagging. Their Oxfordshire country house contains pounds, farm, swimming pool and what not.

Horner spoke about the house back in 2019. He stated: “Restoring the farm is my hobby through which I put racing out of my mind. The main house’s work completed. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on an indoor swimming pool.”

While the house is now completely revamped, all the wishes of the Horner family have been fulfilled. Mrs. Horner shares the giant mansion’s pictures on her social media.

On their farm, they have a number of animals including goats, chickens, donkeys, ducks, etc. Moreover, they also have a private pond where the family takes their boats out for a ride.

Lots of animals, celebrations inside the Horner family palace

Continuing the farming route, the outer sections of the house contain vast varieties of fruits and vegetable plants. There is also a special place for Christian Horner to cook his barbeques.

Sticking to animals, there is a special place stable for them to ride horses and open land to take their dogs out for a walk. Besides, the Red Bull Boss has a huge garage to store all of his unique cars including the Aston Martin and classic cars.

Inside the house, the kitchen is where all of our families come together. The kitchen contains four individual ovens with the finest cooking pieces of equipment.

There is a special room for the Spice Girl to practice her music. There is a space where Geri keeps all of her awards near her music instruments like piano and guitars.

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