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British Publications Reports Geri Halliwell To Be ‘Devastated’ After Accusations Against Christian Horner Pop Up

Aditya Srivastava

British Publications Reports Geri Halliwell To Be ‘Devastated’ After Accusations Against Christian Horner Pop Up

Following an outstanding 2023 F1 season, Red Bull finds itself entangled in a serious controversy. Last Monday, allegations surfaced accusing team principal Christian Horner of ‘inappropriate behavior‘. A Red Bull staff member has reportedly made the allegation, which has now prompted an investigation. Horner, on his part, has refuted the allegations, labeling them as ‘Nuts‘. Nevertheless, such accusations often tend to affect not only the individual but also their family. Reports indicate that Horner’s wife, Geri Halliwell, is reportedly ‘devastated‘ by the situation.

The Daily Mail reports that Halliwell is quite upset at the rumors that have been going around. Despite this, she continues to stand by her husband publicly.

The publication also notes that there is currently no evidence supporting the accusations against Horner. However, some loyalists of Horner suggest that he is being targeted as part of an internal power struggle in the organization. During the ongoing investigation, Horner is said to be receiving the benefit of being presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Nevertheless, recent reports from Motorsport Total suggest that he has been advised to consider voluntarily resigning from his position as team boss. Despite the suggestion and external pressure, it is believed that Horner will continue in his roles as team principal and chief executive of Red Bull Racing.

How is the Christian Horner case being handled?

Christian Horner, who has been with Red Bull since its inception as team principal, has enjoyed considerable success. However, he currently finds himself in a precarious situation because of the ongoing investigation. The situation has thus prompted Red Bull to take action by bringing in an external barrister to investigate.

It’s worth noting that Red Bull itself, not Red Bull Racing, is involved in addressing the issue, indicating the seriousness of the matter. Despite this, Horner has chosen not to step down from his position as team boss.

Red Bull will certainly want to get this resolved quickly since the RB20 livery will be shown in less than a week. For this, they even have scheduled a meeting on Friday.

However, should the meeting take an unfavorable turn for Horner, it could lead to an intriguing development within the Red Bull team. According to British F1 journalist Joe Saward’s reports, Horner and Adrian Newey have contractual agreements that mutually safeguard each other.

If one were to depart the team, the possibility exists that the other could also choose to leave. Although this narrative hasn’t been verified, Horner’s potential departure from Red Bull could present a number of challenges for the team. Firstly, Horner’s departure would result in the loss of strategic direction and strong leadership within the team.

Secondly, if Newey were to follow Horner in leaving, his absence would mean the team will lose his creative vision. Newey has played a significant role in building Red Bull championship-winning vehicles. To put it briefly, the distraction caused by the investigation could disrupt the team’s focus and performance on the track.

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