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Charles Leclerc Finds an Overtaking Spot in Monaco but It Might Never Be Possible to Pull in Real Life

Nischay Rathore

Charles Leclerc Finds an Overtaking Spot in Monaco but It Might Never Be Possible to Pull in Real Life

Owing to its narrow track and shorter straights, the Monaco GP is among the worst F1 circuits to pull off an overtake. However, local hero Charles Leclerc has found a spot where he can pull one off at. Sadly, neither he nor any other driver can perform the move in that corner. That is because he discovered the overtaking spot while running on the track in the opposite direction.

As the recent tradition goes, Ferrari uploaded a video of Leclerc doing a run on the upcoming Grand Prix track. Once again, he had Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz to guide him through the circuit.

This time around, the duo made it a little more challenging for the Monegasque by reversing the circuit. While taking the run, Leclerc couldn’t help but pick the Portier and the Mirabeau Bas as the possible overtaking turns.

The two turns are among the slowest parts of the Monaco street circuit. Right before the drivers make their way to them, comes the hairpin that is the slowest turn among all F1 circuits.

While many find it to be a dangerous spot to try an overtake, Adrian Newey recently showed how it is not entirely impossible. The exit-bound Red Bull aerodynamicist did that while participating in the 2024 Monaco GP Historique.

Despite its historic significance and rich legacy, the Monaco street circuit is among the most disliked among the fans. With next to no overtaking opportunities, the race often results in being a dull affair. As F1 cars have become bigger and heavier with time, the track has proven to be narrower than ever.

Charles Leclerc has a good chance of winning the Monaco GP

The lack of overtaking opportunities might make the race a dull affair but it makes qualifying all the more exciting. That is because the starting positions often turn out to be the finishing positions with the race leader more often than not bagging the win.

Charles Leclerc, therefore, holds a golden chance of registering a win at his home Grand Prix. His pace over a single lap has often left Max Verstappen behind. Moreover, Ferrari’s recent upgrades might come in handy in Monaco, which may give the local boy a shot at pole position on Saturday.

The Dutchman, however, will give it his all to stave off the threat from the Leclerc. Another threat is McLaren as its recent form suggests a significant uptick in performance.

All three teams are featuring extensive upgrade packages and have next to nothing to separate them. Hopefully, that will make the dull Monaco GP race one to watch out for the fans.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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