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Christian Horner’s Mess Has Geri Halliwell Questioning Their Marriage for the First Time in 10 Years Despite Forced Public Statement

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Christian Horner’s Mess Has Geri Halliwell Questioning Their Marriage for the First Time in 10 Years Despite Forced Public Statement

Since Christian Horner is under the microscope because of his recently concluded investigation, his personal life is also taking a massive hit. His wife and former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, is feeling the wrath of the emotional turmoil. According to reports coming in from Daily Mail, Halliwell has also cut herself off from the Spice Girls, the popular band that had plans to reunite and discuss dates for a comeback.

Following the alleged leaked texts between Horner and the female Red Bull employee, Halliwell decided to distance herself from the Red Bull garage in Bahrain. Furthermore, their marriage is also under question now. So far, Halliwell has not been seen in Bahrain. However, some reports suggest that she will be present in the garage on Saturday, standing in solidarity with her husband.


Thai billionaire and majority share owner Chalerm Yoovidhya will also be present alongside Halliwell and Horner. Plans of Halliwell’s presence alongside Horner were from before the alleged texts leaked. Given the same, there is now an air of uncertainty over her presence in the paddock. Should she be present, many suggest mayhem may follow.

Married for the last 10 years, Halliwell and Horner face an incredibly tough battle. While they breathed a collective sigh of relief after the initial verdict, the latest development has them stressing even more. Horner claimed there was nothing to the allegations all along. However, the alleged leaks, now, reportedly have Halliwell questioning her choices.

A lot going on for Geri Halliwell amid latest developments in the Christian Horner case

As per reports, Halliwell did not even want to meet her husband after the leaked texts. However, Horner’s family talked her into it. Reports claim that Horner’s mother has been pleading with Halliwell to stand in solidarity with her husband. Meanwhile, Halliwell continues holding ‘crisis talks’ with her team. They are adamant about the singer staying away from the Red Bull team principal. This is because it could take a toll on the former Spice Girl’s reputation.


There are also reports of Halliwell personally knowing the female complainant. She even approved the woman to work for Horner’s team and following everything, sources close to Halliwell suggest she is humiliated “on an International scale.”

The entire episode seemingly leaves her without many options. Daily Mail reports that their marriage is under threat, but until either Horner of Halliwell make a statement, nothing concrete can be derived.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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