American Driver Who Almost Lost His Life in Anthoine Hubert’s Fatal Crash Feels He’s Used by FIA

Vidit Dhawan
|Published 14/03/2023

Formula 2 racer Juan Manuel Correa has accused the FIA of providing ‘zero support’ despite him having been involved in a fatal crash that resulted in the death of fellow racer Anthoine Hubert four years ago.

Correa had a horrific accident with Hubert at the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix. The two drivers collided while they were racing at 218 km/hr between Eau Rouge and Raidillon.

While Correa survived after suffering several injuries, Hubert, unfortunately, succumbed immediately after the impact. Four years have passed since the incident, and while Correa has returned to F2, his memories continue to haunt him.

‘I was alone’: Juan Manuel levels strong accusations against FIA

While speaking on the Track Limits podcast, Juan Manuel Correa said, “I was alone. I had my family, my friends, my team, but there was zero FIA support.”

The Ecuadorian American racer said that he was disheartened to see the FIA provide no support as at the time he felt ‘used.’ He stated that it felt to him that the FIA were only there for him when he put on a ‘good show’ and not when he actually needed them.

Correa’s criticism did not end there as he also blamed the FIA for ‘negligence’. While Correa believes that he wasn’t monitored well following his accident, the FIA has since declined these accusations.


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The 23-year-old then went on to add how he was extremely grateful for the people that were there at the time to support him, as he did not receive much support from the people he should have received it from.

Correa then concluded his remarks by explaining how he would be there for another driver if they suffered a similar incident to what he did. “I’ll be there for them as no one was for me. (Hence,) I know what they need and what is missing,” he explained.

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FIA investigated the crash involving Anthoine Hubert & Correa

After conducting a detailed investigation into the accident, the FIA concluded that no single individual was to blame for the fatal accident. They added that there was no single cause for the accident’s severity. Their report added that the reaction of the marshals and race control was also as prompt as possible.

After providing their detailed accident report, the FIA concluded by stating that ‘safety improvement is a continuous process’. Hence, they would gather as much data as possible from this incident and use it to make further progress in this aspect.

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