“It was Michael Schumacher driving the Haas today”- F1 Twitter reacts to Mick Schumacher defending his position against Lewis Hamilton

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Published July 09, 2022

F1 Twitter was left stunned as Mick Schumacher gave his all to defend his position against Seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton 

Mick Schumacher had the drive to remember during the sprint qualifying at the Austrian Grand Prix. He is 9th on the grid for the race tomorrow.

However, the way he defended against the seven times world champion and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton got the fans hungry for more.

The young German finally scored his first F1 points last week at the Silverstone Circuit when he finished 8th behind Max Verstappen. In the ending laps of the race, he challenged the reigning world champion for the seventh position.

Moreover, going into the sprint race today, the Haas team did not turn up with any kinds of upgrades. Schumacher battled against his teammate Kevin Magnussen first and then later did amazing defending against Hamilton.

In a space of over a weekend, Schumacher went off to fight both the world champions. However, the Briton overtook him at the end and will be starting 8th right in between the Haas drivers.

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F1 Twitter reacts to the Mick Schumacher driving supremacy

F1 Twitter fans enjoyed this particular defending that Mick Schumacher did against Lewis Hamilton. It made fans remember Michael with the way his son drove today.

Here are the best reactions to Mick Schumacher defending his place against Lewis Hamilton:

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