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Lando Norris Still Holds a Special Place in Ex-Girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira’s Heart

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Lando Norris Still Holds a Special Place in Ex-Girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira's Heart

Currently leading a single life, McLaren star Lando Norris was once in a relationship with Portuguese model Luisinha Oliveira. The began dating in 2021, but split up in September of 2022. Both have headed their separate ways, but Oliveira still thinks about Norris, as revealed in a recent interview.

As seen on a clip uploaded on X, Oliveira was asked who her favorite F1 driver was. Not holding any ill feelings against the McLaren driver, Luisinha took the name of her ex-boyfriend.

“I’m gonna say my ex-boyfriend, Lando Norris.”

Having made his relationship with Oliveira public, Norris thought it fit to also announce their break up. The British driver took it upon himself to post an Instagram story announcing the same. Norris deleted the story shortly after, but it was too late as many fans had already taken screenshots of the same.

Norris claimed the couple arrived at a mutual decision to end their romantic relationship but would continue remaining good friends. Furthermore, the now 24-year-old asked for fans to respect Oliveira’s privacy from there on out. 

Following their break up, Oliveira shifted focus to her studies. She opted to pursue a Masters degree in Fashion and Luxury Management from the Rome Business School. She also holds a degree in Marketing Management. Apart from studies, Oliveira continues to take part in modeling gigs whenever an opportunity arises. 

Has Lando Norris found himself a new partner?

With no certainties around his personal life, speculations continue to be the norm of Lando Norris’ dating life. 19 months after his breakup with Oliveira, fans now believe that Norris might be seeing someone else.

Most recently, the McLaren driver was spotted on a casino double date with another Portuguese model, Margarida Corceiro. Norris’ sister and his brother-in-law accompanied the duo on the day. 

This isn’t the first time Norris and Corceiro have been seen together in public. They were previously seen driving around the streets of Monaco, with Norris at the wheel. Back then, Corceiro was dating Portuguese Soccer star Joao Felix, but the two have since broken up. 

A few months later, Corceiro and Norris were once again seen grabbing a bite to eat together in a restaurant in Monaco. While Norris continues to assert Corceiro is just a friend, a potentially new relationship could be on the cards. 

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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