What Role Angela Cullen Played in Lewis Hamilton’s Career?

Samriddhi Jaiswal
|Published 18/03/2023

Physiotherapist of the Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton, Angela Cullen is one of the most recognisable non-racing faces on the paddock. She has been by Hamilton’s side since the start of the 2016 season and is the closest ally of the champion.

Hamilton has often praised Cullen’s focus and dedication towards her work. It has even helped him progress in his career.

Any F1 fan, who knows the relationship between Cullen and Hamilton understands that she is not just his physio or assistant. But also a friend, confidant and a rock for the Briton.

Throughout her time alongside Hamilton, the New Zealander has played a crucial role in the Briton’s career. But sadly as Hamilton begins his 17th year in F1, Cullen won’t be there to support him.

Hamilton shared a post on Instagram revealing that his closes friend is leaving his side to begin the next chapter of her life.


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Angela Cullen is one of the greatest things that’s happened to Hamilton

Cullen is so much more than just Hamilton’s physiotherapist. Her responsibilities include taking care of his daily routine, logistics, diet, sleep, travel and so much more.

But above all, she’s always right next to the 7x world champion to provide him with emotional support. In 2020, the Mercedes star described her as one of the greatest things that have happened to him.

Praising Cullen’s work ethic, Hamilton also said that she is the single hardest-working woman that he has ever worked with.

How did Cullen make it into F1?

The New Zealander found her way into F1 through Hintsa Performance Company founded by the renowned fitness expert. She then joined the Mercedes F1 team in 2015 and has ever since been making Hamilton’s life seamless in F1.

Hamilton explained that before Cullen he had a trainer but he was not quite satisfied with him. Having worked with Cullen before, he asked her if she’d accompany him and she agreed. Thus, giving a start to a long-term partnership that pushed Hamilton towards success.

Cullen studied health science and physiotherapy at Auckland University of Technology. She is also a former international hockey player for New Zealand.

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