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When Charles Leclerc Used His Ex-Girlfriend’s Account Just to Get Noticed by Carlos Sainz

Sabyasachi Biswas

When Charles Leclerc Used His Ex-Girlfriend’s Account Just to Get Noticed by Carlos Sainz

2024 marks the fourth season for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz as Ferrari teammates. The duo have always been competitive, both on and off the track, and never left a chance to outwit the other. For instance, back in 2021, during one of Sainz’s live-streams on Instagram, Leclerc did not leave a chance to take a dig at his teammate.

The Spanish driver was live on Instagram doing a Q&A session, and this grabbed his teammate’s attention. Leclerc joined the live session as a viewer, and immediately asked, “Carlos, who won at chess yesterday?”.

Seeing Sainz ignoring his comment, Leclerc went on to use his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Sine’s account to ask the same question. While it may seem extraordinary from the Monegasque, even the Spaniard has annoyed or teased the 26-year-old during several activities they do together. So, it is quite normal for the duo to have a go at each other, even if it involves taking such outgoing routes.

Apart from this, their rivalry looks very prominent and rock solid in all of Ferrari’s C² videos. This is a special feature series on Ferrari’s YouTube, where Leclerc and Sainz compete in different innovative challenges.

Even when they play different sports such as padel or golf, both don’t like to lose. Lately, they revealed in an interview how closely they compete with each other. In fact, Sainz mentioned that Leclerc would stop talking to him for days, if he loses a game of padel or chess.

The Italian team perhaps has the strongest driver line-up with Leclerc and Sainz. While none of them are ready to leave an inch, they also share an amicable relationship. They are very popular among the Tifosi for having a brother-like relationship, which unfortunately will come to an end after 2024.

End of the C² challenge at Ferrari next season due to Carlos Sainz’s departure

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are all set to part ways next season, as Ferrari have signed Lewis Hamilton for 2025. Hamilton will arrive at Maranello to replace the Spaniard, after spending 12 years at Mercedes.

However, Sainz’s next destination is still unknown. Rumors have linked him with Red Bull as Sergio Perez’s replacement. Some reports also suggest that he may sign with Mercedes, which effectively becomes a swap deal [with Hamilton].

Meanwhile, the rumors about Sauber have been there for a while, due to his father Carlos Sainz Sr’s connection with Audi.

For now, nothing has been confirmed, as the Madrid-born driver is busy proving his worth this season. He has been the better driver by far coming into 2024, claiming two podiums and a win in three races.

Interestingly, considering the last three seasons’ statistics, Leclerc narrowly outperforms Sainz, thanks to the former’s mighty performances in 2022. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Ferrari retained him while letting the #55 driver leave.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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