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Faker Kkoma Worlds: Faker and Coach kkoma interact with one another after DK vs T1 semifinals

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Faker kkoma Worlds

Current DK coach and ex T1 coach, Kkoma and Faker were seen exchanging views after T1 lost to DK in Semifinal 1 of LOL Worlds 2021.” Probably be one of the iconic pictures of LOLesports”.

Faker and coach kkOma have a long and meaningful relationship as a student and teacher. Coach kkOma was the Mastermind behind the SKT dynasty with Faker at its helm.

Kkoma imbued impossible confidence in Faker and his teammates while at SK Telecom T1. Now the team has been rebranded as T1. T1 also announced a SEA based Dota 2 roster in 2020.

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At the moment, coach kkOma is onboard with DAMWON KIA for the last 2 years. DWG KIA won the League of Legends World Championship 2020. They are the defending champions.

“When the student is ready, the Master appears”.

At Worlds 2021, Faker and T1 faced up against DWG KIA or DK. After tumultuous back and forth scrims, DK eliminated T1 to book the first seat in Worlds 2021 Finals.

At T1, Faker and Canna tried their hardest. But DK ShowMaker stopped T1 in their tracks with absolute decimation in Game 4.

ShowMaker had a score of 11/0/3. He was declared the MVP of the first semifinals. He had an average Combat Score of  275.4 over 5 matches.

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Faker kkOma were together in the same team for 6 years.

Even in defeat, once the world’s best gamer is graceful as ever. Post-match he waited for the person, who was his sensei for 6 long years.

Faker and kkOma share a unique relationship we also see in animes. A kind of father and son relationship.

Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun joined Vici Gaming in 2019 and finally joined DWG KIA as the Head coach. Coach Kim joined T1 then.

Even though a fourth Summoner’s cup has been too elusive for Faker, he has not given up. Coach kkOma will not stop anytime soon.

To sum up, we really hope to see Faker and Sensei kkOma at Worlds together.

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