Cloud 9 Blue is going to Berlin for Valorant Champions, as they defeat Rise in the NA LCQ Grand Finals

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 31/10/2021

Cloud 9 Blue wins the NA LCQ Grand Finals against Rise Nation and thus qualifies for the Valorant Champions at the end of the year.

The Grand Final for the NA LCQ was set between two unexpected teams. Rise Nation went into the final from the upper bracket and Cloud 9 joined from the lower bracket. Both the teams were considered underdogs as Rise joined the pro scene recently. And Cloud 9 kept having roster changes.

Going into this best of 5 Rise had the higher seed. So Rise bans Icebox, C9B picks Breeze as the first map, Rise picks Split for third, C9B picks Bind for fourth, and Haven is the fifth map.

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Cloud 9 Blue Vs Rise, Map 1: Breeze

Valorant team Cloud 9 are the only ones that use the KAY/O meta on Breeze, and they do it well. Even though Rise tried to put up a fight on this map, C9 was just too prepared to mess with and ended up winning the first map with a score of 13-9.

Cloud9 Vs Rise, Map 2: Split

Cloud 9 just dominated on this map against Rise. To be honest I don’t think the word “dominated” gives justice to C9B’s performance on Split. They went for the Breach + Sky comp and with this, they won the 13-0. They won without dropping a single round, and at the same time not even letting anyone for Rise to survive or save in any round.

Cloud9 Vs Rise, Map 3: Bind

After losing to C9 in a 13-0 fashion, Rise did manage to reset their mind and bring their A-game into Bind. And that is a difficult task to perform.

That being said Cloud 9 was just on one of their best forms today. Even though the match ended up being very close, Cloud 9 won the third map with a score of 13-11.

Cloud 9 Xeppaa was the final’s MVP, with an ACS(Average Combat Score) of 292 and a K/D of 1.66.

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With this win, Valorant pro-team Cloud 9 Blue reserved their seats for Valorant Champions Berlin. Valorant Champions is a Lan Event which will start on 12th December.

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