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Apex Legends Season 16 to add new Anniversary event and bots for new players

Danyal Arabi

Apex Legends Season 16 to add new Anniversary event and bots for new players

Apex Legends Season 16 is tweaking the formula and will be a big departure from what fans are used to. This season, no new Legend will be added to the game. Instead, the developers are focusing on refining the meta and classes. Aside from a revamped class system, the developers will also be adding TDM as a limited-time mode. The list doesn’t end here as Apex now has bot support in lobbies with newer players. Here’s how the new bot lobbies and Anniversary Event will work.

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Apex Legends Revelry Anniversary Collection Event details

The new changes are detailed extensively in the latest Apex Dev Diary:

Bot lobbies

If you are a new player, this year is a great time to get into Apex Legends. We are overhauling everything for the first-time player experience. We’ll be making improvements to the Firing Range, adding in Dummy strafing and stats tracking. Specifically for our new players, we’ll be adding Bots to our matches so players can get their feet under them and a new Orientation Match system.

Our goal with Orientation Matches is to create a lower-pressure environment where new players can get their bearings, learn the core mechanics, and have a little more space to breathe while they learn how to play Apex Legends. New players can play solo, or bring along friends, to play a handful of Orientation Matches primarily against bots before being put into the normal matchmaking queues.

Anniversary Collection Event

This month is also the 4th Anniversary of Apex Legends and we’re celebrating with the Anniversary Collection Event featuring an all-new community content reward track and lots of celebrations happening in the game. These include login rewards during the first two weeks of the season, with week one featuring Crypto unlocked and one Crypto Thematic pack for all players that login.

Week two unlocks Ash plus one Ash Thematic pack for all players that log in. Also, every map in the rotation will have special decorations and we’ll have the return of a fan favorite that we’ll reveal closer to the launch.

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