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EA FC 24 Triple Threat Trio SBC: How to complete this new Ultimate Team challenge?

Ripan Majumdar

EA FC 24 Triple Threat Trio SBC

EA Sports FC 24, also known as EA FC 24, is getting more exciting to play with each passing week. The Triple Threat Trio Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is now available live in Ultimate Team, which offers a special edition of Mario Hermoso, Leicy Santos, and Diego Forlan. So, let’s find out more about this SBC.

The Triple Threat is unlike any other EA FC 24 promo. It is the first to offer three special edition Ultimate Team cards in the game. The cards included in this promo are from some of the biggest clubs. Mario Hermoso and Leicy Santos are from Atletico Madrid’s current squad, while Diego Forlan is a legend of the club.

About Mario Hermoso Triple Threat card

Mario Hermoso has an 82-rated Gold Card as his default in Ultimate Team. It is a decent card to have at this point of the game. But fans can get a better version of this card, the 86-rated Triple Threat edition. This upgraded card received a significant stats boost along with a unique look.

EA FC 24 Mario Hermoso Triple Threat
Mario Hermoso Triple Threat’s stats in EA FC 24. (Image from Electronic Arts)

Hermoso’s default card has four Playstyles: Long Ball Pass, Block, Slide Tackle, and Aerial. The new Triple Threat edition also has all these Playstyles with the addition of Incisive Pass.

About Leicy Stanos Triple Threat card

Leicy Stanos’s default Ultimate Team card is 79-rated Common Gold. It isn’t anything significant compared to her 82-rated Team of the Week edition. But now, she has even a better card than these two, the 86-rated Triple Threat. Like fellow clubmate Hermoso, Stanos also received significant boosts after being part of this promo.

EA FC 24 Leicy Stanos Triple Threat
Leicy Stanos Triple Threat’s stats in EA FC 24. (Image from Electronic Arts)

Like Mario Hermoso, Leicy Stanos also received a new Playstyle and a Playstyle Plus on the Triple Threat card. So, now she has Incisive Pass, Tiki Taka, Flair, Press Proven, and the newly added Quick Step and Finesse Shot.

About Diego Forlan Triple Threat Hero card

The soccer legend Diego Forlan is one of the Heroes in EA FC 24 with an 88-rated card. It is already a great card to lead the attacking line. But Forlan now has an even better card after joining current Atletico Madrid stars in the Triple Threat promo. His new Ultimate Team card is an 89-rated Triple Threat Hero edition with improved stats.

EA FC 24 Diego Forlan Triple Threat Hero
Diego Forlan Triple Threat Hero’s stats in EA FC 24. (Image from Electronic Arts)

Unlike the Hermoso and Stanos, Diego Forlan didn’t receive a new Playstyle. Instead, his Triple Threat card also has Finesse Shot and First Touch Playstyles with Power Shot Playstyle Plus.

How to complete Triple Threat Trio SBC in EA FC 24?

Unlike most SBCs, fans won’t have to complete three different ones to get these three Triple Threat cards. They need to complete one SBC to obtain these unique cards. However, EA didn’t keep things simple for the fans, as there are various tasks to pass this challenge.

Mario Hermoso

  • At least one Team of the Week (TOTW) player should be part of the starting eleven.
  • The overall team rating should be over 85.

NOTE: As the task’s name suggests, completing this will reward the players with the 86-rated Mario Hermoso Triple Threat card.

Leicy Santos

  • At least one Team of the Week (TOTW) player should be part of the starting eleven.
  • The overall team rating should be over 86.

NOTE: Completing this task will reward players with the 86-rated Leicy Santos Triple Threat card.

Los Colchoneros

  • At least one Atletico Madrid player should be part of the starting eleven.
  • The overall team rating should be over 83.

87-rated squad

  • The overall team rating should be over 87.

88-rated squad

  • The overall team rating should be over 88.

Completing the tasks isn’t the toughest part of this challenge, but how much would it take to complete it is. Fans might have to spend over 600,000 UT coins in the Transfer Market to build the Starting XIs. Undoubtedly, it is a huge amount to spend at this point in the game.

EA FC 24 fans can lower their expenditure on this Triple Threat Trio SBC by using spare or untradable cards in their possession. If they are low on cards and coins, competing in squad battles is the best way to replenish them. Moreover, fans should complete this challenge before it expires.

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