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Evil Geniuses add junior to EG Black CS:GO lineup

Danyal Arabi

Evil Geniuses add Junior to EG Black CS:GO lineup

In an era where North American CS:GO is shaky at best, EG is taking it upon itself to rebuild the scene. Evil Geniuses currently fields three complete CS:GO rosters across multiple tiers of competition. EG Black now sees a new addition in the form of Paytyn “⁠junior⁠” Johnson. He is mainly filling in for Jerric “⁠wiz⁠” Jiang who was recently promoted to the main Evil Geniuses roster.

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junior joins EG Black CS:GO lineup after being benched on Complexity

The move was announced on Twitter via the official Evil Geniuses account. junior replied to the announcement by saying:

“Excited to get to work with @EGCSGO, thank you for the opportunity @messioso and @Complexity. Great things to come!”

The move comes after junior’s year-long sting with Complexity. However, while junior was signed to Col, he spent most of his time benched through multiple roster changes. Before that, Junior was a part of Furia where he had a turbulent time as well.

Recently, junior has been posting respectable numbers overall with a 1.21 rating over the past three months. However, the sample size for this rating is rather small with just four official maps played in the last three months.

The roster of EG Black now looks like this:

  • Peter “⁠stanislaw⁠” Jarguz
  • Colby “⁠Walco⁠” Walsh
  • William “⁠RUSH⁠” Wierzba
  • Jeorge “⁠Jeorge⁠” Endicott
  • Paytyn “⁠junior⁠” Johnson
  • Tommy “⁠Axed⁠” Ryan (coach)

Joining former Major winner, William “⁠RUSH⁠” Wierzba, junior will be looking to help EG ascend to tier 1 competition and LAN. His next official will be played on February 23, 2023, against Mythic for ESL Challenger League. The AWP head-to-head will pit junior against Cooper, former eUnited and Triumph member.

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Danyal Arabi

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